I'm linking to pages/photos as I go, either as I get them done or when I #TBT the older pieces that I originally didn't have digital photos of.


Workplace Bathroom - LaHooplaCo (etsy)
Hearts of America, Texas - The Victoria Sampler
Sugar Skull - Mill Hill
Blessings - Brooke's Books
Plenty - Brooke's Books
Hearts of America 12, North Carolina - The Victoria Sampler
Lavender Bouquet Biscornu - Rainburst Embroidery
Desert Sunrise - Fireside Originals


Desert Sunset II - Fireside Originals
Fruit Cocktail - Collab with Glendon Place and Dinky Dyes
Mixed Berry Cheesecake - Collab with Glendon Place and Dinky Dyes
Royal Capri - Mill Hill
Not Today - Crown Street Cottage
Dracula Book Cover - Life's Trivial Pursuits
Hearts of America, California - The Victoria Sampler
Hearts of America, Arizona - The Victoria Sampler


^*Egyptian Sampler - Teresa Wentzler
*Triforce of Badassery, Framed - Spritestitch
Pooh the Barbarian - mostly by me
*Belinda's RR band - by me
*Melanie's RR band - by me
Tapestry by InkCircles
Flip Flops by Mill Hill
Hearts of America #28, Texas by Victoria Sampler
*Through the Stars Zodiac Sampler by Cloudsfactory
*WWCKD from Star Trek: Explore Strange New Worlds of Crafting
Stitch for Syria by Mr. XStitch
*Celtic Knotwork Ferret - White Willow Stitching
*Band from Esther's Wave by Northern Expressions
2015 Biscornu from Imaginesque
*Octopuses from Octopus Dance - HandsOn Designs


*Lady Assassin - self
*Blackwork Wine Bottles by Cotton Seasons
*Annette's Round Robin from Ink Circles & Charland Designs
*Cocks and Demon Goats from Open Domain/Antique Cross stitch designs
Steampunk Sea Serpent - SamSarah Designs


Christmas Ornaments by Nora Corbett
Wild West Sheriff by Sweetheart Tree
Christmas Mouse (with holly) by Margaret Sherry
^*Wee Beasties Round Robin from Dimples Designs
Immaculate Hart by Ink Circles
Houston Needle-Roll by Chatelaine
Haunting love by T.A.Smith Designs
*Miss New Year's Fairy by Mirabilia
Miss Witchy Mouse by Just Nan
*Halloween Fairy by Mirabilia
*Letters from Nora - S by Mirabilia


Wonderful Wedding Egg - PawPrintings


Dogs Leave Pawprints - Lizzie*Kate
^Water Dragon - Janlynn
Burnt to Perfection by Sue Hillis Designs


Merry Christmouse
Wine a Bit by Sue Hillis


Ia! Ia! - Periphaeria Designs
Checkered Halloween - M Designs
Lily Pond Dreams - BlackSwan Designs
2004 Commemorative Hummingbird - Crossed Wing Designs


Dog In, Dog Out by The Sweetheart Tree
Candy Cane Snowflake by Just Nan Designs
Bats from Tantes Zolder
Emerald Mermaid by Mirabilia
Compass Rose - Dragon Dreams
Moon Dragon by Dragon Dreams
Easter Fairy by Mirabilia
Cream of Ort Soup - Raise the Roof
TW Band RR by Teresa Wentzler
Dancer by Teresa Wentzler
Luna Moth from Stitcher's World/Sandra Paradise
Valentine's Fairy by Mirabilia
Texas Monthly Minis by Redbird Designs


Christmas Fairy by Mirabilia
Shiraz Sampler - Dinky Dyes
When Life Gives You Lemons - Ruby Slipper Designs
Gaby's Bunny from the M. D. Anderson Cancer Children's Art Project


Mini Mystery H - Chatelaine
Fish Days by Bush Mountain
A Celtic Christmas - Moss Creek
Christmas Eve - Elizabeth's Designs
Mini Mystery G - Chatelaine
Joyful Night - Shepherd's Bush
Two by Two - Prairie Schooler
Starry Snowman - Homespun Elegance


Desert Safari Purse by Marie Barber/JCS
Secret Pumpkin Patch - Trilogy
Halloween - Lizzie*Kate
French Mystery Garden - Papillon Creations
Patriotic Weasel - Morgan Designs
CATS Nametag
Mystical Wizard


Operation Dumb Dumb
Hardanger Christmas Ornament - JCS
Black Capped Chickadee - Crossed Wing Designs
Future's Vision by Bestitched by Bev
Fantasy Wedding Blessing - Dragon Dreams
Intermediate Whitework Ornament - Teresa Wentzler
Pearl Orchid - Just Nan
Golden Partridge - NeedleMaid
Bavarian Wreath - Marsha's Fancy
Celestial Picture by Bucilla
Wedding Bellpull - Lesa Steele
Lauren's Lilly - Cat's Cradle
Friends in Stitches - Victoria Sampler
Snowy Egret - Crossed Wing Designs
MidSummer Night's Fairy - Mirabilia
Frog Prince - X's and Oh's


Blackwork Dragon by Dragon Dreams
The Wizard - Stitcher's Habit
Phoenix - Dragon Dreams
Merry Christmas - Sweetheart Tree
Hippocampus - Dragon Dreams
Petting the Pretty by Fantacat
Beginner Whitework Ornament - Teresa Wentzler
Texas Christmas
Shroomhilde by Dimples Designs
Queen of the Bumblebees - Dimples Designs
Blue Orchid Bee - Dimples Designs
Purple Wanna-Bee - Dimples Designs
Think of Such Things - Stars, Hearts, & Friends
For Amelia - Dimples Designs
Storyteller - Teresa Wentzler
Stretch - Teresa Wentzler


Christmas Tree Ornament - Elizabeth's Designs
Dragons by the Fire - Blackswan Designs
December Needleroll Kit - Victoria Sampler
Larch Ladybug - Dimples Designs
Butterfly Scissors Fob 
Heirloom Wedding Sampler - Victoria Sampler
Illuminated House Blessing - Patricia Andrle
September Needleroll Kit - Victoria Sampler
Spring Peepers - Just Nan
Moon block from Castle Sampler - Teresa Wentzler
Ferret (mink) block from Noah's Ark Sampler - Teresa Wentzler
Ferret Rose - Barb Morgan
Tempest - Teresa Wentzler
Wine Dragon - X's and Oh's
Tywyn Sampler by Charland Designs
Texas by Redbird Designs
Desert Sunset - Fireside Originals
Emerald Birthstone Dragon - Dragon Dreams
Moonlight Guardian - Dragon Dreams
January Gemstone Dragon - Dragon Dreams
Legends of the Dragons 
Honey Suckle - Serendipity Designs
Emerald Orchid Bee - Dimples Designs
Regal Peacocks - Teresa Wentzler
The Sorceress by Dimensions
Vedalia Ladybug - Dimples
Wedding Bellpull - Lesa Steele
Ten Spot Ladybug - Dimples Designs
Be My Valentine - Holly House Designs
Amethyst Gemstone Dragon - Dragon Dreams
Above the Clouds - Teresa Wentzler
Bullion Roses - Victoria Sampler


Christmas Floral Kit - Victoria Sampler
Celtic Cross - Teresa Wentzler
Tree Ornament - Elizabeth's Needle
Angel Ornament - Dragon Dreams
Snowman - Dimensions
Santa - Dimensions
Celtic Cross - Teresa Wentzler
Byzantine Ornaments - Teresa Wentzler
Beddy Bye Blessings - Carol Emmer
Calla Lily - Serendipity Designs
Wherever you may Wander - X-Appeal Designs
Wedding Bellpull - JCS
Wedding Day - Sue Hillis Designs
Halloween Sampler - Willowridge Designs

 Grandma - Stitchers World
Twilight Angel - Dimensions
Ice Dragon's Kingdom - Dragon Dreams


Celtic Christmas - Lavendar and Lace

Before 1998

The Sorcerer by Dimensions
Renaissance Ruby Angel - Mill Hill
Valentine's Freebie - Lesa Steele
Shamrock Freebie - Lesa Steele
March Sampler from March/April 1995 JCS
February Sampler - JCS
Renaissance Praying Angel - Mill Hill
April Sampler from March/April 1995 JCS
Leopards by Dimensions (I think, my recollection is hazy)

* WIPocalypse
^ Pre-Carolina start

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