Friday, February 5

The cleaning & stuffing of the Orts!

And the first official finish of 2016!

Sometime last year, someone in bloglandia (you know who you are, I just can't remember, because I'm awful like that), mentioned that they used their previous years' orts to stuff a project.

This is brilliant.

So I decided to make a biscornu and stuff it with my orts.

Behold! The Orts of 2015!

In which I learn that maybe my laptop is not the best place for pics... hah
And behold!   The Biscornu of the Orts of 2015!

It's evenly stuffed,, this angle just made it look weird.
I had problems with one corner, oops...  It's a freebie from Imaginesque and stitched with my beloved Bethlehem from Weeks Dye Works

I added the year (obviously), and I learned that next year's biscornu will need to be much bigger, because I barely made the orts fit (and I didn't stitch much last year).


  1. Awesome idea! Love the thread as well. I'm definitely a WDW fan.

    1. Thanks! I admit to have stolen the idea from someone else in bloglandia.
      WDW and CrescenColours (or whatever their new name is) are definitely top two in my book! :)

  2. That looks like a ton! Nice job ☺️

  3. Great use for those Orts! Lovely the stitching on your Biscornu, and I love the colours too! Nice work.
    Barbara xx

  4. Wow, that's many ORTs and then they all fit into such a small thing :D I have a project planned for my 2015 ORTs as well, but as things are I might have to add some extra-stuffing too :)

    1. I have to admit that I keep extra fabric on hand (like what I clipped off of the edges of the biscornu) just in case I need some extra stuffing :)


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