Monday, November 10

Immaculate Hart by Ink Circles

I love Tracey Horner's Ink Circles patterns.   If they aren't gorgeous mandalas, they're humorous, fun, and quirky... and sometime they're gorgeous and quirky at the same time.   In any event, all of her work is fantastic, and I really need to get around to doing more of it (if only I'd get moving on BoInk).

Immaculate Hart is a limited edition collaboration with Dragonflylotus handspun threads. It features the gorgeous threads from them and 30 count linen.

I have to admit, I had reservations with regards to the threads, because they're the thicker twisty kind of thread you only use one ply of (think Caron Wildflowers), but it only took one length of stitching for me to love these threads.   They are super soft and easy to work with and have a great, rich color.

As for the pattern itself - I love the play on Immaculate Heart/Hart with the stag's antlers and the fiery heart/hart!

I stitched most of it watching Cleopatra now that it's back on Netflix streaming (one of my favorite movies!) and We Are What We Are, which I thought was quite decent for a horror movie, but very, very messed up.  It was interesting stitching this, because it just felt so good in my hands, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I frogged and mis-stitched more on this little bitty piece than most of my large pieces.   I found that odd.  Still gorgeous and enjoyable, though.

The whole piece.  It's not very large, just a few inches across

Flaming Hart-Heart!

These colors are killing me - they're just so rich and gorgeous.
One of these days I'll get back to one of my big WiPs... maybe I should have signed up for the next MMMM.

edited to add the dragonflylotus (kit) fibres used, just for reference if anything:
Orange: Solar Flare
Red:  Drucilla
Green:  Rich Teal
Brown: Rauen


  1. Those colors are gorgeous! They almost seem to sparkle.

  2. Rich is definitely a great word to describe those colors! Luscious is another word I'd use as well :D

  3. Thank you! I really do love this design and those fibres. I figured that after repeatedly going back to the website just to gaze at it I should just get and stitch it for myself! haha!


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