Friday, May 25

Dragon Dreams exchange

There's a whole lotta wacky going on in the world right now that I'd love to comment endlessly on, but I've been a mite bit busy. Ok, except for the hour and a half I played hooky from work on Wednesday. We've got all of the final data and pictures in for a paper, so it's been crunch time, and I'm in non-stop meetings.

So for now, a little stitching update...

First of all, there was this finish for the DragonDreams exchange on the rotation board. Since my recipient got it, I can share. Yay! I did the new Moon Dragon and finished it as a bookmark (obviously). I used some material for backing that doesn't slide too much, so it's nice. I suck at tassels, so I tried using matching floss and then adding some swarovski crystal beads/dangles for some weight. I think they look better than in the picture, but they're that smokey quarts and it doesn't look good on my green sofa.

And here's the piece I got from Thermalgal/Jenni!
I love it. It's so cute (I'm using a leather book as the background so that you aren't seeing everything else in the room and to contrast a little bit).

And after I had finished everything, I kept looking at Compass Rose. I kept meaning to work on it and do it (along with the Here be Dragons companion piece). I finished it on 25 ct ivory lugana, which was actually the first piece of material I ever bought for stitching when I was about 15. I got it for Castle Sampler originally, but I didn't get a big enough piece, so I gave up on that one. I'm glad I did, because I think I'd rather do that one on some 28 or 32 ct platinum lugana anyway.

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