Monday, October 20


I had such "grand" plans for this weekend. I was going to spend all of my time playing Assassin's Creed and quilting stitching on my TWOctober projects (ES).

And then Squirrel.

I ran across the cutest little freebie in the Pumpkin Seed Stitchers' group on FB and just had to immediately stitch it.

It's called Haunting Love, by T. A. Smith Designs.   And the love? Rats.  RATS!!

This picture is most color correct, btw.

So I printed out the freebie and thought about it for a bit.   I have a piece of Sparklies fabric I was going to do the Ghostly Mandala (from JustCrossStitch) on, but I went with this piece instead.  I dug through my thread stash and used Fiesta for most of it, I was going to do it for nearly the entire piece but ran out, so I switched to Black Coffee for the tree/border/bats, and I used Hibiscus to satin stitch the heart.

Because love.

So this was my IHSW weekend, not so much with the assassinating or TWOctobering, but hey, rat love :)  I'm super pleased with this piece and I'm thinking of maybe trying a flat-fold finish for it.


  1. Looks awesome and I love the fabric you put it on!

  2. Great finish. Not often you find rats on a cross stitch, or any craft, piece.

  3. Thank you!

    I am not someone who really likes stitching on vibrant fabric, sticking to neutrals for the most part, but I LOVE this fabric and need to get more of it!

    And rats! I can't stop loving them. HAHA!

  4. WOW!! The pattern and the fabric...where did you get that fabric??

  5. Thanks! The fabric is by Sparklies (in the UK) - It's Purpleberry Spludge

  6. Thank you! I'm putting it on my list!

  7. Love this design and love Purpleberry Spludge! I stitched a sampler on that a couple of years ago.

    I'm a member of the Pumpkin group too, although I think it has lost its way a little. It was set up to do a SAL each month for a different designer on a Hallowe'en theme but seems to have become general Hallowe'en blog. So much so that the SAL designs are getting lost!

  8. Jo - I noticed that, too. I wish it would go back to the feature designer premise! (even if some of them are a bit later).

    At least they nipped the freebie posts in the bud.


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