Kathy's RR
Wild West Sheriff (Chubby Nutcracker series) by Sweetheart Tree.
Finished 12/14/2014

Amanda's RR
Cthulhu (from the web) and Meeple (self)
December 28, 2014

Melissa's RR
Antique Pattern Library
Finished Feb 16, 2015

Annette's RR
Tywyn Sampler, proper Stitch, and JCS
Finished July 11, 2015
Lynne's RR
Wine bottle Blackwork by Cotton Season
Finished August 26, 2015

Wendy's RR
Assassin's Creed (adapted by moi)
Finished November 20, 2015

Kay's RR
Adapted from Octopus Dance by Hands on Designs
Finished January 31, 2016

Cheryl's RR
Band from Esther's Waves by Northern Expressions
Finished February 6, 2016

Melanie's RR
S from website, crown from magazine, ferret by me
Finished August 6, 2016

Belinda's RR
All designed by me
Finished August 6, 2016

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