Tuesday, July 8

Framing Part 4 - Letters from Nora - S

A couple of years ago, while visiting friends (there seems to be a theme here), I decided that I was determined to start stitching again.   While I seem to have very little time between social activities and other hobbies, I did miss stitching, and I still have a large portion of my stitching "stuff"

Nora Corbett had a "Letters from Nora" alphabet releasing in parts and the "S" (for Samantha, though I call her Wendy) came out, and I was so happy.   I was worried that I would hate the S fairy, because I really liked some of the letters, and other not-so-much, but she was adorable, the S was adorable, and I really liked the colors.

And it took me 2 years to stitch... hey, a lot was going on!

So when I went on my trip, and I knew that I was going to get something framed, this was, without a doubt, the first piece that popped into my head.   And I'm really pleased with the results.  She's super pretty, and I already knew where to put her in my home.

The whole piece - pretty color correct on my monitor.
She was stitched on antique white linen (I did not like the green called for in the chart)
There is a rusty mat, a pink mat (to pull the pinks in the "tail" of the S), and the top mat is a purple suede.
The framer is a wood that is painted purpley, with the distressed edges.  Much love.

My attempt to show off the mat and frame - they're more purple and less brown than I'm seeing on my monitor.
The piece sits on a wall that is painted purple ("black raspberry" by Benny Moore), so it both blends into the wall from afar and looks phenomenal from up close.

Detail with the face and framing... pretty color accurate, I think!

On my stenciled wall - The near photo is an original black and white of my maternal grandparents' wedding (with the original folder "mat" from the photographer being used!), the far, my paternal.

Same shot, different angle, this time my paternal grandparents (original tinted, btw!  The artist that owns the framing studio here was amazed), and then the maternal far... you can see a glimpse of my Ursula Vernon print on the other side of the stair bannister thing.

So yes, I'm so glad that this framing is everything I hoped it would be.  The framer wouldn't let me have my antiquey silver frame like I wanted, but I like his choice better (I'm sure he WOULD have, but I really like what he suggested).  I can't wait to see the mermaid alphabet's version of S as well, since it's such a fun letter.

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