Monday, July 28

Finish! Halloween Fairy by Mirabilia!

I managed to fall wrong during aerial yoga (what? I'm not invincible, you say?  pshaw.) and was homebound for a day, so I thought I'd finally finish Halloween Fairy.   I think I started it two or three years ago? (some time in 2011 maybe?), and finally got around to finishing it.

Unfortunately, New Year's Fairy and Halloween Fairy's threads got all jumbled and I lost some of the threads and beads, so I had to reorder those threads before I could get it all done.

And here she is!  Hoorah!

Her top half (I almost want to sparkle-out her wings)
Tilted camera angle - for giggles.

A bit of the left wing

The bottom of the piece

Her head and wand - I do love these fun duochromey brown/pink beads.

That pumpkin bag is too adorable.
So that's Halloween Fairy - #3 from the Fairy Holiday Collection by Nora Corbett/Mirabilia.  I think she's the best of all of the fairies (6 of them, I really like 4 of them, I've stitched 3).   She's done with all kit materials, on 32 count natural linen with Crescent Colours.   I know a lot of people change out the fabric, I just really like the simple linen.

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