Saturday, April 5

Ia! Ia! Cthulhu F'thagn!

Seriously, people, I have an illness.

I cannot stop with the biscornus. I said I was gonna get that Cthulhu design, and sho' nuf, I did.

This is Ia! Ia! by Periphaeria (purchased through One Star's Light  look at me! pimpin' sites!)

I finished it as a biscornu, since that's what it wants to be. And because I'm currently obsessed with them.

I stitched in with DMC501 (I always intended to stitch this pattern with that color, I love it, although I have floss and fabric picked out for three more of these if I so choose). I happened to have matching beads (with a gold sheen) from my jewelry beading hobby that I used to finish the seams. It's (of course) stitched on my favorite fabric: 32 Ct Platinum Lugana.

This is way bigger than the Just Nan biscornu, and I stuffed it so thick it's like a freakin' hockey puck. I never thought I'd get the center bead/button to cinch in. It's just a cheap costume jewelry pearl kinda thing, but I love the way it looks.

Now I'm off to decide if I should rove my patterns for more biscornu stitching or just get crackin' on another Cthulhu or if I should just knock it off for a while (probably knock it off, as my graduate project is currently in big trouble, though not through any obvious fault of mine so far). I did notice that my stitching albums (and my Yuku profile) were woefully out of date, so I went ahead and updated those pictures as well. I'm so awesome.

Here's adorable Cthulhu (cuz seriously, has he ever been so cute? And will I get in trouble for referring to Cthulhu as "adorable" and/or "cute"?)... (top, side, and bottom clickably good views)

Here's the question: What kind of mind thinks... "You know what would make a great biscornu? Cthulhu!!!"?? One I think I need to buy a drink, that's for sure.

And for further entertainment, I got this today:

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