Monday, July 9

Texas! (again :) ) and some other progress

Welp, I started off with a wild and crazy Friday night.
I broke out my new vacuum sealer and spent the night inventorying the freezer, properly sealing things, and processing veggies for the freezer.    Wooooo.   Young me would be soooo envious of old me's Friday night partying ;)

I actually wanted another model of a FoodSaver (I've had one in the past), but it was more than twice the price of this little unit and I wanted to make sure I'd actually use it a bunch before I spent the money on the fancy one.   To be honest, this little sucker is running like a champ and has most of the features I could ever use, so I don't even know if I'll need the more expensive one, now.

But by the end of the night, my kitchen was totally trashed, but hey!   No more veggies on the counter top! (until Saturday when I harvested again, any way).

I decided the weekend (after my Friday night 'party') would be all about no-chores.   Which was awesome, but I'm sure I'll regret later.   A huge cold front moved through the area on Friday night and there was a high of 78 on Saturday.  I'm sure when I get around to finishing some of the yard-work I've been stalling out on, I'll regret not doing it in less sweaty weather when I get the chance :)

So I decided to go ahead and knock out Texas:

And here it is sew into the wall hanging.    When I get back to the machine, I'll get the binding on all of the pieces so I can get them up.

And then I started a piece for my boss.   Her birthday is this week and since she started here earlier this year they've buried her in a crap tonne of administrative work, so it seemed apropos (even if strictly not work apropos ;) )    I bought the hoop above (used for the Texas piece) to display this, but I think it's going to be too big, so I'll have to get a bigger one.   I don't generally use hoops, so I was a little frustrated it's too large, though it's turned out to be helpful for the tiny things I can't put in my qsnaps.

This piece is on a mystery piece from my stash.    I ended up with a bunch of fabric from a friend who no longer stitches, and I'm pretty sure this is from her because it's opalescent, and I generally don't like that style of fabric - I think it'll work great for this piece.   It's gotta be done by Wed!


  1. I think you very probably earned that chore-less weekend :) Well done on the stitching! Texas looks great, as does the new start.

    1. Thank you very much! The chores will continue this week, hopefully I'll have a good third week to IHSW for the weekend :)

  2. Oh, I hear you on the wild Friday nights. Love my food sealer and use it for all sorts of bags not just the ones you're supposed to - works a treat on chip and cereal bags. very nice progress on everything. I love the armadillo on your Texas piece.

    1. Yeah, I do like using the food sealer on other things, too. I really like that I can control the vacuum - that's been super helpful for more delicate things.

      And I love that there's an armadillo in the piece, it just cracks me up :)

  3. Fantastic Texas finish. Looks great in that fabric. Love your WIP. Too funny. Good luck finishing it up in time.


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