Monday, February 13

California and Arizona - My first 2017 Finishes!

This weekend, I finished two of the Hearts of America series by Victoria Sampler.

My goal is to make a wall hanging out of all of the places I've lived.  I want to do it in such a way that if I move again, I can still add to the wall hanging.  I'm pretty sure I have a plan ready for it, I just need to get around to sewing these little guys into panels (my internal question: Do I start on these now, or wait until I finish the last state (NC)

I started both of these on February 5 (SuperbOwl Sunday, watching that awful game with friends).  I just did the heart border on each and then did the rest on Friday/Saturday while binge watching TV.

First, I finished Arizona on Friday.  It's the Hearts of America #48 kit from the Victoria Sampler.   It was designed/copyrighted from 2002.

Started 5 Feb 2017; Finished 10 Feb 2017

I lived in Tucson when I was a kid.  That's where my mom died and was buried.   I really love the desert, and if I had a chance to move back there (to Tucson or Phoenix), I would do it in a heart beat.  Unfortunately, either there are not many positions opening up in my field there, or they're not widely advertised.

I'm not super thrilled with the beaver colored cactus.  They should be greener, but I also wasn't in the mood to go hunting for an appropriate color substitution.  I'm also not sure if it would throw off the overall effect/color of the heart, anyway.

Next, I finished California on Saturday.  It's the Hearts of America #31 kit from the Victoria Sampler.   It was designed/copyrighted from 2002.

Started 5 Feb 2017; Finished 11 Feb 2017

I was actually born in CA, in the Bay Area.  I debate moving back there every once in a while, but never really manage to do it.  All of the jobs are either in the San Fran area or in LA, and I'm not exactly excited to move to either of those more heavily populated areas (and I kind of like the East Coast, though a good job in CO wouldn't make me sad ;) )

I love these little hearts.  They are tons of fun to stitch and I can't wait to get them displayed.


  1. I love those little hearts and I sometimes with I had any kind of connection to the different states for an excuse to stitch them :) Like things are, most are just names to me. But I love your idea, how many states have you lived in so far?

    1. I've officially been a "resident" (longer than one year) in 5 - California, Arizona, Virginia, Texas and North Carolina.
      I've also lived in Louisiana and Mississippi, but not for long.
      I'm leaving Virginia out of it because the entire 14 month time I was there was pure misery. It was so bad, I didn't even go to school for a while

  2. These looks great!!!!!

  3. Love your idea! I've only ever lived in one state so mine would be pretty boring but love the small VS kits.

  4. Lovely finishes :). I live in the socal valley now for a year but grew up in Colorado and lived in Florida for 6 years. Colorado is still my favorite

  5. These are wonderful! The added sparkle makes them pop just a bit :D If you moved to CO then you could be near me and a few other stitchers there in CO for a bit of fun!


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