Monday, June 23

Fantasy Exchange

So some time ago I posted what I received in the Fantasy Exchange. I've been waiting to hear from the person I sent to, to make sure that they've gotten the package, but I haven't seen a posting on the board where we post those kinds of things.

I'm going to assume she got it (I don't think she reads my blog, either) and go ahead and post what I sent...

 I followed Dani's instructions and made my first ever lined bag!

My only real regret is that I live at the end of the universe and didn't have any place good to get better matching ribbon. In retrospect, maybe I should have used red. I lined the bag in green and didn't want it to look all Christmas-y when I initially thought about going with red. This is a FantaCats Freebie that I thought would make a good bag. Kinda like the bag is holding/keeping something away like the dragon is. Maybe. Sorta. I thought it was a good idea anyway. Don't look at me like that!

My partner also mentioned that she liked the blues and greens of the ocean (as well as red), so I made a fob for her. That's a shell from the beach here, and I used a couple of blue glass beads I really like as well as some semi-precious green and blue beads.

And just for fun, here's the entire package. I put a couple of goodies from Mexico in there (like the awesome habanero sauce) and a skein of that new Cardinal color from Waterlilies (since she mentioned she likes red) as well as a Brownsville pin I got from the city. It's identical to the pin I wear when I go places so I can easily point out where Brownsville is.

So there ya go. I thought it was a fun little package. I'm always a little nervous in exchanges because there are people who send out some serious stash with their exchanges and I'm always nervous that I'm skimpy or something. I try real hard to be thoughtful, though.


  1. I love the dragon on this gift bag, WOW!! You sent such a wonderful gift, I hope you heard from your partner in the end.

    1. Thank you so much!
      And I did hear from my partner - it went over well!


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