Friday, October 31

2014 Halloween Blog Hop

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Hosted by Jo from Serendipitous Stitching 

This is one of my favorite Halloween-ish pieces.  It's a freebie from Tantes Zolder/My Aunt's Attic, but that site was shut down a couple of years ago. 

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Have fun!

Thursday, October 30

Mega Mini Month Madness - Week 5

Here's my fifth (and final) weekly post for the Mini Month Challenge hosted by Pull the Other Thread,

in which I stop stressing the lack of finishes and just enjoy the progress.  There's a scarf, mittens, and a tail in there... and a belly.    He'll get done, and I will have finished these three mice.   I'm doing them as gifts for people at work (working in the lab animal industry means thinking ALL THE THINGS are cute, specially meeces and rats)

Hopefully I'll get this bugger done soon.  I'd like to stitch these guys again, only I will probably change their coat color, and definitely stitch them on evenweave so I'm a bit less cranky about the aida.

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Thursday, October 23

Mega Mini Month Madness - Week 4 & October TUSAL!

It's TUSAL time again!  TUSAL is a project run by Daffycat, click on the button on the right hand bar for more details.

Here is this month's Ort jar update (I'm gonna need a bigger jar next year): 

The that pink fuzz at the top?  that's from my current ninja-project.  I'll share when it's done, but let's just say that frogging over one sucks.  A lot.

Aaaaand, here's my fourth weekly post for the Mini Month Challenge hosted by Pull the Other Thread!

Progress!  Really! :)

I completed two of the three mice!  Maybe I can get the third one one by the end of the Challenge?

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Monday, October 20


I had such "grand" plans for this weekend. I was going to spend all of my time playing Assassin's Creed and quilting stitching on my TWOctober projects (ES).

And then Squirrel.

I ran across the cutest little freebie in the Pumpkin Seed Stitchers' group on FB and just had to immediately stitch it.

It's called Haunting Love, by T. A. Smith Designs.   And the love? Rats.  RATS!!

This picture is most color correct, btw.

So I printed out the freebie and thought about it for a bit.   I have a piece of Sparklies fabric I was going to do the Ghostly Mandala (from JustCrossStitch) on, but I went with this piece instead.  I dug through my thread stash and used Fiesta for most of it, I was going to do it for nearly the entire piece but ran out, so I switched to Black Coffee for the tree/border/bats, and I used Hibiscus to satin stitch the heart.

Because love.

So this was my IHSW weekend, not so much with the assassinating or TWOctobering, but hey, rat love :)  I'm super pleased with this piece and I'm thinking of maybe trying a flat-fold finish for it.

Friday, October 17

The friends you've never met.

I kind of love the internet. 

As an introvert, I find it easier to "socialize" online.  Meeting people with similar interests, interacting as little or as much as I want.  It's awesome.   And I've made some very dear friends thanks to the interwebz.  People who lived many, many states away that I now spend time with (when I can), and are as dear (or dearer) to me than people I've physically "known" my entire life.

In the stitching community, I also find generosity to be crazy.  I find it amazing when it's directed my way (and yet I routinely send things to other people, because I can, and I don't think anything of it).   I really do believe in some sort of karma or pay-it-forward.   I give things to people, people give things to me, people give things to other people, and I don't think any of us think twice, except hoping to spread a little joy or happiness.

And I'm always happy. 

And I got something awesome in the main yesterday!  Thanks to someone on a cross stitch BB I live on (The Wagon on Yuku), I have these beauties now!

That's the Brittercup Seasonal motifs, which I think will look stunning in whatever overdyes I decide about.  I've always loved their super simplistic artistic swirls.   And Diamonds in Squares!  Which I had, and gave away, and then realized I really wanted again (and ZOMG, is not in any of the "best of" books... what up Leisure Arts?), but now it's becoming more of a pain to find it, but now I don't have to! yay!!!.  And those stickers are SO CUTE.  I freakin' love Halloween!

And just as a total coincidental thing - I was planning on stitching tonight on some gorgeous purple fabric someone gifted me once upon a time

Thursday, October 16

Mega Mini Month Madness - Week 3

Here's my third weekly post for the Mini Month Challenge hosted by Pull the Other Thread.

I've made a little progress... but only a little.
I let the drive to finish Miss New Year's Fairy get in the way, so I only got a couple of threads in (on lunch at work!), but there is progress.   I have a staycation weekend planned (coincidentally, this would also be the Hermit and Stitch weekend, though I have SO MUCH PLANNED with sewing and gaming, etc., I don't know how much stitching I'll get done).  I really want to get these two done yesterday so I can get to the third one and have good progress.   I'll try!

I do need these done for Christmas, though, so they'll *definitely* get done.
And I'm hoping to get the kit floss to my DMC drawers so I can come up with equivalent numbers so that I can file the pattern in case I'd like to stitch these again.  On not aida, because I hate the aida so very, very much.

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Tuesday, October 14

Another one bites the dust! Miss New Year's Fairy by Mirabilia

I have another WIP down, and I'm super excited about it!  Next thing you know, I'll be at a dozen! (haha).

Miss New Year's Fairy was one of the Holiday fairy LE kits (there were 6, this makes my 5th!) available through Wichelt?   I bought them as fast as they came out, but have not been so fast about finishing them off (I did the first three pretty quickly, though).

I think, honestly, that she's my favorite.  The colors and the sparkle are just fantastic.  I like her a lot more than I thought I would.

Under the ott-lite:

Regular lighting:  I just LOVE those silver beads!

The top half of her was ridiculously easy to stitch, and I just adore the backstitching on the wings with the kreiniks.

When I was stitching the bottom half, I started with the upper part of her dress, but didn't get very far because of all of the holes I had to leave for the beads, so I decided to stitch the beads as I went along instead.

So many beads - but following a regular pattern, which made it easier to keep track of.  And the different thread colors were, I thought, a little too similar (when I was stitching), but the final effect is really nice (things to learn:  trust the artist-designer, she knows what she's doing)

So shiny!

The wings are fantastic - I love the inner line of sparkly kreiniks around them, and I really enjoyed working with that particular blue in the wings.
And those beads!  ZOMG!  I love delicas!

I changed the BS color for the skin.  It called for Old Oak which was really yellow and had a major color shift that I didn't like.  I can't remember the name, but I went with the one used in Halloween Fairy, because I thought that looked good.

I'm stupid in love with this watch face, I think it looks great withe the metallic, and the bead sash/chain works great

I'm also going to break with my "scheduled" rotation to participate in TWOctober (Teresa Wentzler focused month)... and I might carry that out through the end of the year.   I think I could make some very good progress on Egyptian Sampler and Fantasy Sampler, and I'm kind of excited about those two pieces right now.   If I finish them both, I would just throw another long neglected UFO into their slots on what I have scheduled.  Plus, I'm super excited to get a new start in January... while I told myself I would wait to get to a more manageable WIP level before adding in new things, I think the New Year should be an exception.

Edited to add:  I just realized (after updating the 2014 page), that it appears that 2014 is the year of Mirabilia for me.  Between the three finishes (so far) and the start/progress of Deco Spirits, that's definitely the major designer for me!