Wednesday, September 13

#WIPWednesday, Fruit Cocktail Mini Dessert

This is a mini-dessert kit I picked up while diving through some older charts in an LNS in Las Vegas.
I found the Mixed Berry Cheesecake there (which I'd been hunting for a long, long time), so I was happy to pick this one up, too, even though it's not really my color bag.

Unfortunately during exhaustion, or confusion, or whatever, I cut the overdyed threads the wrong way, so the colors don't "turn" right.   the colors were supposed to go from Pink to White to Green to Yellow to Peach (I think?) and instead just go from Pink to Peach to Yellow to Green (I never really go to the white), so it looks nothing like the model, and I'm a bit miffed, but it's small, and not something I'm super in love with in the first place.  I'll live.

I don't have the beads yet, they'll show up while I'm out of town at the yearly board game convention I go to (which didn't used to be out of town - hah), so this is where it's at for now (while I work on Mixed Berry, though not the overdyes yet, I'm going to do the regular silks first and then make sure I cut the threads in the right direction).

So here's this WIP, while I play with another WIP and wait for all of the beads to come for one big bead-nanza.   I'm also debating whether or not I want to frame these or sew them into a hangings.

Wednesday, September 6

Royal Capri by Mill Hill

A while back on the Book of Faces, I posted a new ring I had bought... or was going to buy... I can't quite remember.   But anyway, Holly of Holly's Stitching and Stuff mentioned that she had a Star Trek emblem pin she thought to send me, and she sent a little Mill Hill kit along as well!

In her very kind note, she mentioned that she thought the kit would go well with my periwinkle laundry room.

Here's my paint!  I don't have a good picture of the room, really.
I finished it this weekend!  or I thought I had.

Play the "Where is the Missing Bead!" game here.
I forgot one stinkin' bead, which I hadn't noticed until I decided to take pictures.  Oops.

So then I (eventually) got that one little bead in.   I did the entire project while watching my new tv-show crack (which is 1) unfortunately only on Netflix until Sept 30 and 2) unfortunately only covering two seasons when they have more somewhere, bah!)

I had a bit of a time with the back and stitching it together, but I'm ultimately happy (hearing that others had the same kind of issue made me feel a little better about myself, too).

I seem to be working through small projects right now.  I'm trying to get myself back geared up to work on the Fantasy Sampler piece I was so determined to finish last fall.  We'll see if I get there.

I didn't post a WIPocalypse update, because I didn't have much to update.  But hey, I'm enjoying my newly fenced back yard!

Oh, and I did do this one thing while the back  yard was fenced! I painted an old end table.  I'm attached to it (it belonged to grandparent-figures of mine, who are thankfully safe outside of Houston, my entire family seems to have made it out relatively unscathed, boat rescue not-withstanding).

Tuesday, August 1

July WIPocalypse

My first WIPocalypse check in in months!  So long.

My last check in was in January and not a whole lot had happened at that point.
Since then life has been something like this:
January-February - three serious interviews
February - Job offers, one accepted ;)
March - started new job
April/May/June - new job, new place, new everything!   I didn't actually have access to most of my stitching stuff until the end of June.

As far as ACTUAL WIP progress, I did finish Bram Stoker's Dracula (more pictures and info can be found at the blog post)

My WIPocalypse count is down an additional one, because I've decided to give up on the Zelda stained glass over-one I was working on.  I was so excited to start it, but ultimately, it's not something that I think I'll get around to finishing.  Great idea, but really not me, so I ultimately chose to let it go.  It's on some nice 25 ct lugana, so I'll salvage it for another project.

I also finished Not Today, which won't count towards my "total" right now - I started it in 2017, and my WIPocalypse is only for previous languishing pieces for me.

 My goal is to finish a couple of small things -  my 2016 Biscornu, since my orts are just hanging out in a ziplock baggie, the last of the Victoria Sampler states (NC) so I can finish them into a wall hanging, and then get back to Fantasy Sampler (I think?  maybe?)  or at least something WIPocalypse-y and I'll reward myself with something else fun.

There's still so much going on with the new job and Winston and I have also been playing Diablo 3.   Since they brought Seasons to the console version, I've been having way too much fun with that.   Fall/Winter should be interesting.   Since I don't know so many people in the area (I still hang with friends in the Triangle), I have less social obligations, and I look forward to getting anti-socialed out by next Spring ;)   If I stay antisocial it'll help my stitching productivity :)

Questions I missed:

February 26 – What is your favorite stitch other than the standard cross stitch? 

Honestly?   French knots.  They're my super, super favorite and when I was a wee kiddo, my mom would let me do the french knots on her Charles Wysocki needlepoint canvases.  I've always loved them, so I'm fascinated by the fact that they cause so much consternation with so many stitchers!   They're literally the very first stitch I ever tried (before even a tent stitch).

March 26 – What stitchy blogs, groups, or flosstubes do you follow and why?

Well, this blog, I don't belong to any others, but I read them.
On Facebook, I belong to Stitch Maynia, Snarky Cross Stitching with Subversion, and various designer specific groups (Just Nan, Ink Circles, Teresa Wentzler, CloudsFactory, Chatelaine, Glendon Place), and of course, the WIPocalypse group.
I do not flosstube, nor do I watch flosstubers (I'm not "into" video).

April 30 – What projects are in your UFO pile?

None.   I consider all of my pieces very slow WIPs if anything. :D
If something is really never going to get done, I either toss it out, give it away, or salvage the fabric (like I will be with the Zelda piece).

May 28 – Which designer’s projects do you absolutely love, but are too intimidated to try?

To be honest, my first Cross Stitch was Teresa Wentzler and I've been pretty fearless since then.  I'll try anything interesting.

June 25 – Show us your stitching space! Where do you sit, and what is going on around you while you stitch (TV, audiobooks, etc)?

I usually hang out on the corner of the couch - we have a sectional - but no pictures because I'm still working on that space :)  I usually watch my partner play videogames, watch Netflix or listen to an audiobook.  I sometimes stitch in hotel rooms, too (but if I have my laptop I play older games like StarCraft more likely than not), and I'll stitch at friends' places when I am visiting if we're watching TV or otherwise mindlessly occupied.

July 30 – What are your oldest and your newest WIPs?

Oldest would be Fantasy Sampler, I started it in November of 1999.  It's almost old enough to vote.  I'm hoping to finish before it can legally buy alcohol in the entire US.
Newest would be the MillHill Sugar Skull kit that I started about a month ago :)

Monday, July 31

Finished (and FINISHED!) Not Today by Crown Street Cottage

I did it - I finished and finished Not Today (for reasons, before the sugar skull)

It's a Game of Thrones black/red work pattern I purchased from Crown Street Cottage on Etsy.  This is a link directly to the item for purchase.

I stitched it on a piece of white evenweave I had left over from another project that I decided to coffee dye.  Long and skinny, just like this banner.   I was originally going to get a generic sword shaped letter opener, but discovered that the Game of Thrones (officially licensed, yo), Ice (Ned Stark's sword, which is the same one in the banner as far as I can tell) was only a couple of bucks more.  So worth it.  It was also one of the few that was long enough for the width of the fabric.

What really cracked me up was that I had gotten some light weight command hook picture frame hangers for the kitchen.  They don't adhere to the travertine tile so well, but they're not only fine on the door, they are the exact width of the blade of my letter opener.
So now it is hanging in the entrance to the LadyLair (aka Lady Cave 2.0)

I was originally going to finish the back with a red fabric, but I found a black and white fabric I really liked - it reminded me of the House of Black and White, which is perfect for the design (if you don't GoT, just trust me).

Started 2/15/2017; Finished 7/23/2017

Nifty Ice letter opener and perfectly sized command hooks for hanging

Top section:
For someone who does. not. like, blackwork/backstitching, I sure did a lot of it.

Middle Section:  Pretty sure that's also Ice (and more backstitching)

Bottom - probably the hardest/most fiddly section; mostly quarter stitching and BS
That tassel was.... challenging to sew into the bellpull.

The backing - I really, really like it.

So here I am, letting my geek flag (banner) fly (hang).

Wednesday, July 12

#WIPWednesday What is the one thing we say to death?

Not that I'm not still working on my skull, but I really wanted to share a piece I had started and (also) not blogged about.

It's a Game of Thrones black/red work pattern I purchased from Crown Street Cottage on Etsy.  This is a link directly to the item for purchase.

I am stitching it on a piece of white evenweave I had left over from another project that I decided to coffee dye.  Long and skinny, just like this banner!   The banner is longer than I was expecting (thinking the number in my head and handling it are routinely wildly different for me), but I am loving it!  I think when I'm done, I will get one of those sword-letter-openers to hang it off of (dulled, of course).

Here are the first few bits.  I'm on the last section now, and it's a doozy! (you'll see when it's done!)

As of February 18

As of February 19

As of February 22

As of February 25
I had planned to finish this bell pull while I was living at my new city (there was a 2 1/2 week overlap where I started work, but before we closed on the new place), since I would be alone in an AirBnB or a hotel, but I ended up watching Netflix on my laptop or just playing some Starcraft instead ;)

When I'm done playing with my sugar skulls, I'll probably get this done so I can hang it on my LadyLair door.

Friday, July 7

Happy Friday! Dracula Book Cover Happy Dance!

I got so wrapped up in everything going on (job move, etc.) that I totally forgot to post something I finished!   This is a freebie from Life's Trivial Pursuits.  I learned about it from Jo at Serendipitous stitching.   I stitched it on Aries from Sparklies.

I started it on December 21, 2016 and I finished it on February 14th, 2017  (which is just about the time I accepted the new position and went into OMG, we have to pack and move and get a new place, not necessarily in that order! overdrive ;)

I cannot, for the life of me, get my camera to take a color accurate picture, so you'll have to forgive and trust me on it.   I've doctored them as best I can, but Aries is a cool toned, gorgeous rich red that was just perfect for this piece.  I look forward to framing it.

I used petite treasure braid in gold (PB02) for the lit window and the actual "Dracula" lettering, and I used the B5200 instead of regular white for the moon.  The rest is black.   I love the way it came out.

Thankfully, I keep a spreadsheet of the stuff I've stitched, so when my blogging fails, I can update myself :)

Thursday, July 6

Oops? And an update! A non-hacky update!

Some one kindly (thanks Abi!) alerted me regarding a random not-OK hacky post that had appeared.   Weirdly, I never lost control of this account, and I've updated my passwords and stuff, so we'll see how that goes.   I'm also looking into how that could have happened by checking my other online activities.  Because the post was posted by "me," I'm super annoyed that I lost control of some device or thing at some point.

In the meantime, I'm sorry that I haven't posted in a while, but I also haven't stitched much for a while (since February, really).   Good news!  I have a new job!  I moved to a new house!  in a new city!   And life is awesome.

I've been spending more time working on updating/making the house my kind of livable.   I'm not doing all of the decorating and fun stuff, just getting it to where we can put everything away and deal with longer term fixes later.   Things like redoing the deck so we all don't die happen now, retiling/paining the basement, which will become the future game room kind of projects will happen in the future (next summer, I hope, for that particular one).

The only major thing I've done was tear out the carpet and put down new floors in my lady lair, because I did not want to mess with the murphy bed twice :)

But hello, from the beautiful Triad region of NC :)

And just as proof that crafting sometimes still happens, here's my current WIP: