Friday, January 23

January TUSAL and a WIP... Friday?

So my goal this year was to use a pretty bottle for TUSAL, and then I realized I didn't like the bottle I had picked out quite so much, and I am currently using a juice bottle.

And then I saw Carla's utterly amazing ort container and I realized I wanted a pretty one like that, too.  Only I don't drink gin, so I'm opting for my rather nice Flor de CaƱa bottle, except for the part where I'm currently not drinking and there's still a bit in the bottle (I really like the Sobieski bottle, but I have a fresh handle of that, so that's definitely not going to be happening).   Oh well, maybe in a month or two ;)

It's a bit poofed from having everything dumped in from another bottle and I'm missing all of the threads from my trip (obviously), but I have no doubt I'll make more progress in the future.

Speaking of progress (kinda) - I started on the CloudsFactory Through the Stars mystery piece.  I wanted to get the frame done first (I'm clearly not going to get January done in January).  I started at the top and worked counter clockwise, only to screw up the placement of the second to last (in the picture) circle.  So I need to tear out the two and finish it off.  I'm thinking I will do my damnedest to work on Fantasy Sampler and my reward will be the CloudsFactory piece.

I'm super excited because it looks like I get a day of stitching on Sunday!  (mostly, we're shopping for flooring at some point, and I will probably make more golabkis)

Tuesday, January 20

IHSW, Post-holiday&friends weekend

 I know a number of people used the 10th as their YOTA weekend, since the first of the year gets a bit crazy for most people... and since I was working that weekend, I thought I would belated-YOTA-it (I think only one of my SALs is strict, and it's a FB one, so that didn't matter as much for blog posting).    But it was definitely IHSW, and I failed in that hanging out with a bunch of people wasn't necessarily hermiting, it was all about stitching, so I hermited from non-stitching.

I met with a few friends and did a bit of stitching & shopping this past weekend, and I'm happy to say that I'm here with plenty of not-quite-in-focus camera-phone pics to show for it ;)

First, let's get the stitching out of the way:

I wanted to start on Steampunk Angler Fish (technically the Steampunk Sea Serpent, but, well I'm a trained zoologist, I just can't) by SamSarah Designs, but it was late and I wanted something easy, so I started on Mirabilia's Thanksgiving Fairy instead (large blocks of color, yayz).

So that was my first night of stitching (after a day of other stuff).   This is the last of the Holiday "LE" (are they really LE?  I mean, they sold out initially, but I don't see a shortage of them now or anything) kits that I have not stitched, and I have to say that when I started working with it, I got a bit miffed.   I did not change the kit fabric (which I would have enjoyed doing), because I wanted to keep consistency between the pieces (consistency being a bugaboo of mine for series), but this particular kit has different fabric than the rest!
Nicer fabric, for sure, but still, it's still totally different.

This is the "natural" linen by Zweigart, and all of the other fairies came with "natural" linen, but I swear, all of that was the same fabric, and this one is utterly, utterly different.  Annoyances.  Oh well, at least this particular linen is a lot softer and nicer to work with.  Still.  Feh (and now that I've gotten that out, I'm over it).  I do note that this is #6 in the series, and I bought them as they came out - I don't know if all of the fairies are on this linen now, or what.  I do think I'm the only one I know that actually has been using the kit fabrics.   So that's the start on her.

The next night, I broke out the Steampunk Angler Fish, and I stitched the scales along the back first, and as an avid Dune fan, of course my brain went to "sandworm" as I finished my second night of stitching.

The color of the linen in this picture is much more true than the next one.   I did a floss toss to pick this fabric, but I'm suddenly not quite sure about it.  I'm hoping I like it when it's all said and done, but right now, I'm feeling nervous.

This piece does crack me up, though, because I am once again running into the disconnect I have sometimes when hand dyed flosses are involved with the model stitch on the front of the chart and the actual threads not matching.  That "Daffodil" is really bright (and not so much on the stitched model on the front of the chart).    I'm fine with the colors working together, I just think it's funny how that happens.

And after another night of stitching (plus stitching on half of my flight, which seemed to fascinate my seatmate, who watched, but didn't ask), this is where I am with this piece.

The fabric in this pic looks way more tan than the purple it is - it's actually Shale, by Picture This Plus.  I originally looked at Ancient, but when I saw it in person, floss tossing, I hated it.

The inner bits will all be stitched in a dark color, so all of those bits and gears will pop more when I get back to it.  So far, it's been a thoroughly enjoyable stitch.

I think changing between all of the gears and little bits are keeping it fun - frequent swapping, but no confetti, so it's not like I'm struggling with each piece.  I just pick a color and go.    I keep thinking, though, that the fabric I picked up is entirely too large (fat quarter), but this is just part of the body (I just hate wasting fabric).  And of course as I'm stitching it, I realize that I didn't need more fabric, I had some fabric in my stash that would have worked quite well.   And I wonder why I end up with so much extra fabric.

And finally, I wanted to stitch all day yesterday, but I was actually quite productive, doing all of my laundry and putting this away (I'm usually a total slacker that takes a week or two to get everything put up, tripping over that luggage for the two weeks before I finally get around to it).  Heck, I even folded all three loads of laundry!

I wanted to stitch on Fantasy Sampler, but I discovered that I didn't want to use the working copies I had made, and figured that since I have the Best of TW books, I would just write on the original, but I couldn't find that either, so I'll have to make new working copies out of the Best of book.   The symbols are the same, but they're typed (vs the handwritten original), so it will at least be easier for me to read.   I actually briefly pondered buying the pattern on PatternsOnline, and then realized that would be foolish as I have no (working) printer at home.   So my January YOTA goal is shot, but that's cool, I'll catch it next month.

So I decided to work on Celtic Ferret Knot instead; this one will probably get finished first, as it seems to be my "go to" for "oh dear, I can't stitch on what I want for _____ reason."

It calls for DMC, and I decided to go with overdyes, and the hand/overdyes go together, but aren't really anything like what the DMC color is, but I'm OK with that, though every once in a while, I feel like I should have gone with a darker tan (there's a "chocolate" somethingerother Crescent Colour that I think I might have liked better, but when I look at the colors I did choose, I'm still content).

But I got a good chunk of those sections done while watching Godzilla, so yay for progress (I like it so much better filled out - the linen annoys me less)

Other than stitching, I went on a bit of a shopping binge or three.

First up, are most of the goodies I bought at the stitching shop.  I am so utterly happy to have 1.  A brick-and-mortar shop to visit and 2.  Friends and people to help me figure out and decide fabric colors.

I picked up Growth Rings by Ink Circles, even though I have the magazine, because I just hate having an entire magazine hanging out when it's not really necessary.  I really want to get to that one sooner rather than later, and of course I'll be changing the colors.

Red Riding Hood is a piece I've been looking at a *lot* on Etsy from Primitive Hare.  I just adore it.   Without any kind of frame of reference, the finished photo makes it look a lot smaller than it is - when I opened the chart I was a bit shocked at how huge it really is, not that I love it any less.

The two Glendon Place Baroque Beauties are Millicent and Elizabeth.   I think there are 4 or 5? of those floral pieces out now, but these are the only two I like I didn't see Isabel which is the other one from the series I quite like, and I not only like them, but I adore them, especially Elizabeth (the bottom flower).  They use a lot of kreinik, so someday when I'm at an LNS again I'll have to work on conversions to Petite Treasure Braids.

And finally, Cherry Wine from Keslyn's.  I actually saw it as I was sauntering my way to the check out counter - I just love all of the specialty stitches.   I really want to do more canvas work or samplers, because I really miss all of the specialty stitches I used to do.  As much as I love my little xes, I need a bit more sometimes.

And of course, when I saw the Margaret Sherry box (well, there was more than one, but I didn't want to hold anyone up), I had to look for some adorable mice, and there they are.   I especially love the dandelion one.

And here's where my trip got expensive ;)

I really, really, really, really, really, really (no really) want Tiramisu by Glendon Place, but I have been resisting.   But I hate buying fabric online, so since they had the threadpack (which I was not going to buy, oops),  I did a bit of floss tossing (I don't like the peachy fabric it calls for), or at least the lady at the shop did a little floss tossing, and I really liked this "Bone" color.   Because of the piece, I didn't really want or need any kind of mottled fabric, and I was quite happy with this.

So now I have the threads and the fabric, and no chart, which I admit, isn't the kind of situation that I usually find myself in (they were sold out of the chart, or I would have it, and probably would have started it).

The other picture shows the two Nora alphabet fairies charts and the fabric I picked out for them, though honestly, that fabric has to be one of my all time favorites, and as I'm stitching the letters for others, I might try to weasel different fabric in there from my stash so I can keep that Queen Anne's Lace for myself.  For heaven only knows what, but it will be mine!  It's just so pretty (and OMG, so soft!), but really, I think that fabric is great for those letters.

The last of the stitching trip acquisitions was this piece of fabric.     Once upon a time, I saw Mirabilia's Red (gods I hate the Mirabilia web re-design) and I thought it was pretty but not for me (red being my favorite color, but Mira's ladies not being my favorite subjects), but when I read the story that Susan wrote for it, I fell in love with the piece.   So now I have to stitch it because of the story.    And because of the story, I want Red to be on a dark fabric, like she's walking at night or in the forest.

I expressed this to the very patient woman who was helping me with my fabric and she immediately pulled this fabric.  Apparently someone who frequents the shop wanted the same kind of feel to the piece and this is the fabric she used, and they said it was absolutely stunning.   I've tried to color correct for the fabric, but it's a deliciously stormy forest color.   I think I'm pretty on board with this color, but I was also thinking of Bayou from Sparklies, though I might chat with Kate about it, because I'm not sure I'm ok with the yellow accents (though the fabric is definitely killer, just not quite perfect for Red, I had purchased a swatch during my great search).

And just when you think it was done, more shopping happened.

I got this from the quilt store - I'm not a heavy quilter, but I have some ideas and picked out some pretty fabrics.   The three fat quarters of pretty horses is so I can make a stitching bag (pattern in the photo), and a couple of the other fabrics are because I have pairs of fat quarters at home and these round it out in case I want to make the case (and if not, there are other cases I'm thinking of making, which I needed a third fabric for anyway).

And finally, I fell into a Vera Bradley sale.  I'm not a Vera fangirl, but I had gotten a wristlet-wallet thing and it has taken a serious beating, and it's holding up like a champ.    And stitching friends taught me the value of the Miller bag and how it's perfect for storing and traveling with stitching, so I bought one of those.   And because those pieces have both proven to be really sturdy, I've been looking for a work bag... and then we went to the outlet store where everything was on super sale.  And then (there are a lot of  'ands' and 'and thens' in this whole story), a friend who quilts convinced me of the practicality of a hanging organizer for quilting stuff, and since I am taking my second quilt class in a month or so, it made perfect sense (I struggled with dragging things back and forth and keeping them organized), so I ended up with a Miller, a hanging thing, and a small-ish tote bag (Villager?) for work.  At least they were all in the same pattern?  I do find most of the patterns hideous, but black and white should work pretty well (and show all of my dirt - hah!).

This is my current magical Vera, in the only pattern that I actually like (well, almost the only pattern I like), and it traveled with me on the plane.  I removed the several projects and books from the bag and put them in my checked bag so I'd have less to carry on the way bag home - I knew what I'd be doing on the plane on the way home so I needed less stuff, on the way out, I had everything in there, because I'm always so excited I can't just focus one one or two things.

But OMG, the POCKETS!  they have so many pockets!

Here are the Veras I managed to purchase.   I'm really torn, because now I want a Miller for "active" projects and a Miller for "on deck" projects... but I am thinking I should save the new one for the quilting class.  I probably will just switch usage, but geez, I love these bags.

So matchy-matchy
So after all of that, the only things I managed to NOT buy that I was hoping for were more qsnaps (mine are getting so old they're cracking or just won't work well, even using the dishwasher trick) and Tiramisu.   I ordered Qs from Amazon, but I'm avoiding the purchase of Tiramisu (even though it kinda hurts ;) ), because I know if I get it I will immediately start it, and I'd like to think I have some semblance of self control.

Saturday, January 10

Turtle Trot - January

It's the 10th!   It's my first Turtle Trot, yay!
I have not have stitched a lick since my last post.  I'm in the middle of working a 10 day stretch and then running out to a mini-vacation, so I've literally had very little free time, and I spent all of last weekend playing a video game instead of stitching (I know, I know!).

I feel guilty for ignoring FS (but only a little).

I tend to be pretty busy - working full time (sometimes with these 10-12 day stretches, and I'm salaried, so I don't even get an extra $ bump for it!), and I have standing plans on Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri evenings that tend to cut into things a bit.  Oh well.

Of course, since I haven't been crafting, I've been thinking of crafting, and with that, have signed up for a quilting class :)

I'm hoping that I might stitch a little tomorrow, though :)  (If I can stay away from the PS3 ;) )

I've created a page just for Turtle Trot (I am a bit obsessed with creating pages right now), and I will hopefully keep that up to date, but I thought I would go ahead and list everything here, with maybe a bit of story for each.   It'll be my first official post, so I thought I'd have fun with it.

I decided to have a mix of UFO/WIPs/New Starts, and the WIPs/UFOs are also part of my WIPocalypse list.

  1. Mirabilia Thanksgiving Fairy - New Start
    When the LE Fairies first came out, I bought each and every one.  I did Christmas, Valentines, and the Easter fairy pretty quickly, but then Halloween and New Years languished and I finally finished them last year, leaving this as my last LE fairy.
    When I initially purchased Thanksgiving, I did not like her at all, which is weird (to me), because when I pulled out the kit recently, I couldn't imagine why I didn't like her.   I think my least favorite is Miss Valentines, which I didn't particularly love when I stitched her, either, though I certainly don't dislike her.   I'm weird.    But Thanksgiving is pretty straight forward and I don't anticipate taking too long to stitch her ;)

  2. Fantasy Sampler - UFO
    I've talked about this a lot.  It's even in the "race" I meant to start on the 5th.   Since the goal is to finish this piece and not necessarily be first, I figured it was OK to wait.  I will probably work on this on MLK day when I will theoretically be a bum all day (barring a yoga class, if the studio is open, and a scheduled massage, and my ability to stay off of the PS3 ;) )
    I started this piece in my studio apartment in November of 1999.  I would really, really like to finish it before it can legally drive.

  3. Deco Spirits - WIP
    Also in WIPocalypse, I am visiting friends next year with an awesome framer, and you bet your buttons I want this one done.
    Hilariously, I bought this pattern around the time it was originally released and years later got rid of it in a great de-stashing event.   I then (well, recently) saw pictures of it (my stitch pr0n) and needed it.   As soon as this piece is finished, I'll put Red Lady Pirate or Red in my Mirabilia rotation slot ;)

  4. BoInk - WIP
    Another WIPocalypse.  I actually finished the frame around the time Tracey was releasing the parts, and then stalled.  I think the little blocks will be my palate cleansers between other designs.

  5. Egyptian Sampler - UFO
    Yup, the other TW I want to finish this year :)   This piece is further proof that I cannot center on fabric to save my life.  I'm not thrilled with the fabric I chose for this, but it's OK.   I just need to get to it.  I'm not a big Egyptian-things fan, but I do like this design.

  6. Steampunk Sea Serpent - New Start
    I saw this SamSarah design on Tracey Horner's (of Ink Circles fame) blog and instantly fell in love.  It came out at St. Charles market (I think?)   And I have the whole design kitted up.  I'm looking forward to it, and it might be one of the designs I take on my mini-vacation this/next week.

  7. Desert Sunset & Desert Sunset II (ok, technically 2, but they're small) - New Starts
    I saw these Fireside Originals charts back when I was in college at Austin.   I would take the shuttle to Ginger's and shop there.   I have already stitched Desert Sunrise (on aida) and I will be stitching these guys on linen.   The fabric is a comparable count, to the aida I used for Sunrise, so I they should all be the same size.  I couldn't find a perfect color match for the aida they call for (which is the same aida color of the original).  Normally I'm not such a stickler, but I was trying to keep the continuity with the three pieces.  I'd like to frame and hang them together, as a reminder of when I lived in Tucson (I loved it, and there's a very big part of me that's always wanted to move back to Arizona).   I'm still happy with what I've got.   I might be taking these guys with me on my mini vacay, too (though I should make a working copy of the design, since I'm apparently giving these to a friend :P ).   They each come with some unnamed specialty over-dye (probably dyed for this piece?).  I'm hoping not to use it all up so the recipient can try to match it.

  8. Just Nan Gingerbread Angel Mouse - New Start
    I have all three Gingerbread mice to stitch, and I'm going to try to get them all done. These are such short little stitches, I can't imagine not being able to pull them all off on a good weekend.  Miss Witchy Mouse is living in my antique cabinet, and she is surely feeling lonely.
    I work with rats and mice for a living, so I'm a sucker for them in any form, actual constructed little stitchy mice are just too cute for me to resist (someday I'll find/purchase the Minerva's Mouse pattern)

  9. Freshwater Pearls - UFO
    I have such a love/hate with this piece.
    Once upon a time, DMC offered it for free - you could mail DMC for a copy or actually just pick it up as a free project at Michaels (probably other craft stores, too).  It's really pretty, or at least I really think so.   It is also rather large, and it was designed for either counted cross or canvas.    I started it when I lived in So. Texas and pretty much lived at the beach, so I had a big nautical/beachy themed life.   And so it's not as motivating for me to stitch anymore, as I'm not there any more.
    I do wish I had picked a smaller count fabric, or (and this is probably more true) - stitched it over one.   I think it would be a knockout on a 25ct over one, but I gotten too far into it to want to abandon it, and if I do abandon it, I will not pick it up again.  However, I do like the piece and am determined to finish it.   I look at the picture of the UFO and try to plan my attack on it, so I can get it done.  All whole stitches, no blending, very little confetti, it's just a matter of getting it on the snaps.  I should also add that I'm stitching it on a linen, and I think I would enjoy it more if it were on a thicker evenweave.  The fabric seems to fine for the full stitching, with a fair amount of slippage, so I go a bit slower... eh.  I'll get there.  I do really want to get it done (if I were in a UFORR, this would probably be the piece I shipped out - hah )

  10. Ferret Knot - WIP
    We all know and love this one.  I keep intending on putting it down, and I keep picking it back up, because it's fun, cute, and super easy.   I need to pick up a new skein of dark brown (I lost the one I had originally gotten for it), but that shouldn't be a problem.  I'll do that soon, and I still have all of the other skeins I need for the rest of the design.
I guess if I thought about it, the list would be daunting, but I really enjoy overlapping SALs to try to give me more opportunities/motivations to stitch on some pieces that are languishing.

I'm definitely looking forward to finishing this abominable stretch of work so I can get to my small vacation.  I look forward to stitching and hanging out with friends.   I would even be excited about stitching on the plane, but I know for a fact that I'll be 100% unconscious by the time it take takes off.

And just for giggles - because we're talking about Turtle trot, here's story/picture time - Once upon a time I lived in So. Tex and did a lot of conservation volunteerwork.   One of the things I did was go to Rancho Nuevo, which is a beach in Mexico where female Kemps Ridley sea turtles do the vast majority of their nesting.    For a few days (especially during arribadas and the subsequent hatching times for these arribadas), they would need extra volunteers to go and help.  That meant living at a camp (no running water, no electricity, you drove into Mexico for a few hours and then 4x4ed for a few hours) on/near the beach and working really, really hard, routinely more than 24 hours at a stretch as there was so much to do, both in the day and night time.  People monitored the beaches for nesting turtles, we would make sure they were unmolested, then dig up the nest and transplant them, monitor those, help baby sea turtles when they were hatching and help with release (and making little sea turtle nurseries to help those along that prematurely hatched).  You have no idea how bad baby sea turtles and their nests stink.  Neither did I, and I spent a week at a hot beach in July in Mexico with a lot of people and without bathing for days, I knew stink.  So here, enjoy some baby sea turtles, it was one of many fun adventures I've had.   I was told that the final tally for this season (2007) was over 1 million baby sea turtles released (their survival rate in the wild is, sadly, incredibly low, but we did our best)

Singular baby sea turtle
The cuteness of them fighting the waves and tides.
Babies during one of the daytime releases.
Babies hatched a bit prematurely in their nursery bin
Nests we had moved in various states
Sun & wind burnt, sand scrubbed and very smelly,
but having fun,
even if I had been up for more than 24 hours straight.
 So that is my utterly different turtle story.

I look forward to trotting with others on our stitching ways.

Monday, January 5

WIPocalypse January: And so it begins.

Topic: Introduce yourself, your projects, and any goals you have for the year!

I'll go ahead and give a full introduction, because maybe I'll have a visitor or two who doesn't know me at all.   I'm Suz, Suzy, Suze, or Suzemo (my usual username).   I've been stitching since 1992, which means more than half of my life.   I like french knots.

In 2008/9 I moved to North Carolina (I say 2008/2009 because I left TX at the end of 2008, but didn't arrive until Jan 1).  And stopped stitching.    I just picked it back up last year  and now I have a lot of VERY, VERY old WIPs I'd like to finish off.   I did a significant de-stashing when I moved a couple of times, and luckily(?) I feel like I have a stash that is manageable without being overwhelming, but I can't let go of old UFOs.  Yes, my pretties, you will all be done someday.

I work full time, I have other time-consuming hobbies (mostly yoga and board-gaming, though I go on video game spurts as well), so I'm limited in my stitching time, though I try to do as much as I can.

I am using WIPocalypse to whittle down my WIPs that existed before I joined for the first time in 2014, so they're the only ones that "qualify" in my mind, most of them are more than 10 years old :)

Here's the list of what I have, and my goals towards them:
  1. Egyptian Sampler (TW) - Done
  2. Fantasy Sampler (TW) - Done (subject of a January-spring SAL "race")
  3. Fortunate Traveller (TW) - nope
  4. Enchanter (TW) - Progress? (I keep looking at this one, it whispers to me in the night ;) )
  5. Celestial Dragon (TW) - nope
  6. Ferret Knot (White Willow) - Progress or Done
  7. Phoenix (Dracolair)
  8. Freshwater Pearls (DMC) - Added to the Turtle Trot, even if it's just one length of thread.
  9. Chinese Dragon (Pinn) - haha, nope.
  10. Book of Ink Circles (IC) - Progress or Done
  11. DecoSpirits - Done
I want to get down to a 6 WIPs, each in a themed slot, 5 of those slots are represented here.  It's not happening this year, not with that many TWs (or my raging case of start-itis), but I'd like to at least get it down a bit!

Coincidentally, the January 5 full moon date is also the start of my "Race to Spring" SAL.

Here are the rules:
 January 5 - 2015 you have to pick up a UFO (unfinished object/wip) that you have not worked on in at least 6 months. You have to finish it by March 20 2015 (the first day of spring). So make sure that the piece you pick is not so large that you could not finish, and not so small that it would be unfair towards the other participants. As usual there will be a winner who I will choose using the random number generator. The winner will get a goody bag filled with stitchy stuff. You HAVE TO finish your chosen piece in order to be entered in the give away. I hope this will be an incentive to some of you who have been struggling with finishing a piece. Once we start, please post progress photos on this event page for all of us to admire.  Hope you love this challenge. Good Luck and Happy Stitching!!
So why am I talking about this SAL/Race, you ask? Well, it does dovetail nicely with WIPocalypse, so I am choosing Fantasy Sampler to "enter" into the race.  I  thought about Egyptian Sampler, but FS is calling to me more right now.   I can't wait to see how far I can get on it.  I'll start at the top right corner, the lion motif, and work my way down, doing the vine, then finishing the vine and border at the bottom, doing the two motifs next, and then finishing the central box.   There's a lot to do, but I'm hoping that this spurs me into finishing.    I don't care about the stitchy stuff prize as much as I do the finish.
This puppy is 15!  I'd like to finish it before it's old enough to drive.
The only other large TW I've finished was thanks to a race I was participating in.  


I think not.

And here we go....

Friday, January 2

First update o' the new year!

So, like any insane stitcher, I spent the new year holiday stitching (mostly).

What's really funny is that we've got a weird work schedule going on right now.   Last week, we worked Monday, Tuesday and Friday (Christmas Eve and Christmas day we had skeleton crews, which didn't include me as I wasn't on the rotation for those days).   Then we had the weekend, and this week we have another Monday/Tuesday/Friday work week.  Except that I was on the rotation for New Year's Eve (Wednesday).   I work the holiday like I do any weekend I'm working (again, we have skeleton crews for the weekend which we rotate).

So I worked Monday, Tuesday, and half day Wednesday.   So Wednesday felt like the weekend to me.   And I didn't work yesterday, so today feels like Monday.  Only it's Friday, so I only have to last 8 hours.

So happy Monday, Friday, New Year!  (hah)

This was what I worked on for New Year's Eve.    It's another Zelda piece, so I definitely have a gaming theme going on.    I'm doing it as a gift for a friend, and I'm doing it in all Petite Treasure Braids.   Unfortunately, though I calculated out the stitch count and I know it should fit on a fat quarter, it looks like this fat quarter is too skinny to finish it off (oops, should have measured the fabric).   I'm currently thinking of how to rectify it without just starting over.  (again, it's from SpriteStitch)

Please excuse the dog hair.  White heavy shedding dog (that likes to sit with me while stitching) + black fabric = fail.   Plus, a little bird told me he found her using this as a pillow (/lesigh)

The count so far?  2 cards of PTB for the triangle.
There should be two more triangles.
And here's the progress I made on the Stained Glass Piece:

I was going to do the black and then color everything in... but then I remembered how much I hate moving my qsnaps around (I'm just really lazy), so I thought I would do the black of a motif/area and color it in... and then I discovered that even though I have approximately 3 bazillion skeins of DMC, I managed to not have three of the colors for that little medallion.   I don't even know how that happened.  Thankfully Michaels is next to my park and ride lot.

At FIRST I was really unhappy with the coverage, but when I hold it out, it's fine (forest/trees).   But then I read Leonore's genius idea to do the black as full x's, since that part of the design isn't actually the stained glass and I'm giving it some serious thought.    Though when I look at it like this, I'm fairly happy with it.   I think I might fill in the rest of that corner and then make my final decision.

I'm occasionally having to pick out a stitch here or there, because I've been working on linen/evenweaves for so long, I just automatically stitch over two and skip a hole now and again.

Spurred by the fact that I knew there was a lot of black involved, and I'm tired of buying black floss (I'm looking at you, Ferret Knot), I bought a 500gm cone of black DMC.   The 100gm cones come in a lot of colors, but as far as I can tell, I can only get the 500gm cones in a few (black, white, red).  But I really just needed it for the black anyway, so I Primed it.

And, finally, I did decide to go ahead and start on the CloudsFactory Zodiac mystery piece.    I got not just January's part, but the whole frame as well, and I like getting that all stitched (if anything, just to make sure I've got my stuff centered right on my fabric), and I'm not saying that I had to frog, but if I didn't have to frog, I'd have 6 of the 12 circles done instead of 3.   And I did decide to throw all of the satin floss out.  I was so unhappy just a few stitches in, I decided to switch to regular floss. I'll get that pic eventually.

But here, have a picture of Mona, the shedding white-haired wonder, hard at work on New Years Day.

Oh, AND I had fun updating the blog.  More pages and things ready to roll for 2015!

Thursday, January 1

New Year New Start

Happy New Year!
I worked yesterday, so guess what I'm doing today?

New Year New Start!

I thought I deserved a new, large WIP (it was difficult to keep it at one, because I've managed to kit up three now, which tells you how it is I end up in the predicament of too many WIPs!)

Stained Glass Zelda (Windwaker) from Sprite Stitch - stitched 2 over 1 (tented, because I wanted the slightly hazy effect you get with stained glass, not the pixilated full crosses).  On 25 ct Lugana.  I'm gridding as I go (maybe)... I'm not a gridder (I actually find it confusing, which is ALSO why I'd be gridding every 20 instead of 10), but this thing is farkin' huge.  I could probably use the help.

In fact, at 286*426, I think it qualifies as my first BAP.

Here's what it'll look like(ish) when it's done:

Wednesday, December 31

2014 Year in Review

I recapped most of what I've accomplished in my WiPocalypse post, but I figured I would throw everything in here?

I feel like my biggest accomplishment is that I'm back to stitching again after a fairly substantial slump, and I've re-created my blog.   I still have a really busy life and a lot (too many? haha) of hobbies, but I'm stitching again.

In fact, looking at the records, I've stitched more this year (and just in the second half of this year, actually) than I have for all of the other years I've lived here.  Wow.  In fact, I haven't stitched this much since 2007, which is well before I moved here (2008 was a heavy grad-school year).

And I'd like to just express my joy at how easy it is to get everything I want in Blogger's WYSIWYG editor.   I used to spend hours and hours working on the CSS and imaging and other issues just to get the blog the way I want it.  Now, I get everything I want - pages, background images, etc. with very little effort.  No more self-taught CSS and very little HTML, yay!

And something, which I'm really proud of - I got everything organized!! (again?  I've had different schemes over the years), both physically and in digital form so I know what I've got.  Yeehaw, organization!  I think that's part of coming out of the slump.   I work on a lot of home improvement projects, which definitely impedes stitching time, but upgrading our place goes hand in hand with getting everything put away and organized :)

So here's a run-down of finishes, progress and framing

  • Deco Spirits 
  • Ferret Knot 
  • Chinese Dragon
All of these were finished by Nick's Frame Shop in Phoenix (Letters by Nora S was, also).
I hope everyone has had a fantastic year and holiday season, and I look forward to all of the goodies I will stitch and see stitched in the next year!