Wednesday, December 17

WIP Wednesday

And then there was that time when a good half of my staff was out at work and things were particularly brutal and I came home utterly exhausted, refusing to cook or be a useful human being in general (at least until after my shower, because I sweat through my scrubs and wasn't feeling very clean or refreshed)...

And then I wanted some soda, only to realize that the soda would be way better with a bit of liquor in it.

And then I sat on the couch and contemplated playing PS3 or stitching, knowing that stitching while under the influence is usually not a good idea.

And then... the little ferret, he was just right next to me on the couch, and just a couple of threads while my nails dried (because bad work or not, we always have beautiful nails) wasn't unreasonable, right?    And then, well I'm on a roll, right?  And then, I'll just finish this one thread, right?  And then, I'm SO CLOSE to finishing that one page.   But wait?  Was bedtime an hour ago?

Oh well :)

I just finished the black for Page 4.  Two more pages to go and I'll start in on the color.

Tuesday, December 16

Next year's goals?

Inspired by Measi's post, I was thinking of all of the pieces I'd like to work on in the coming year.   And, of course, I have utterly unrealistic wish-goals.  But let's just roll with it, shall we?

I want to whittle down my WIP list.  I'd like to (theoretically) get down to about 6 WIP slots (or so, some day), and I have the "slots" themed - like TW/Mirabilia/Misc large/etc...   I don't expect to get to 6 WIPs super quickly, so it's not a stressor or anything, but I would like to make some progress towards that goal.

Progress on a non-TW would be nice, I've been thinking Phoenix or Freshwater Pearls

And here are a few other future projects that I'm keeping in mind (but I think I'm going  to try to go with a "2 WIPs Must be completed before adding a new WIP rule).

Except of course, there's the CloudsFactory mystery and my RR I'm involved with.

I really, really really really, want to try surface embroidery.   I can stitch, I can canvas work, I probably would take to it relatively quickly, and I am utterly entranced with the Secret Garden Hummingbird project.  And I'm afraid I'm a weak, weak woman and I will succumb to the siren hummingbird song.

Which will probably snowball into a record fit of start-itis, because the book that the project comes from has so many beautiful patterns/drawings.

I have my Mirabilias lined up in order as soon as I finish Deco (I don't count the Fairies against my Mira-slottish-ness because they're so fast)

I have kitted up Chatelaine's Old World Vineyard, which I purchased as part of her piggybank sale (and kitted using EuropeanCrossStitch's 10% off sales for the beads and ABCStitches 20% off BlackFriday sale for threads).  I just need fabric for that and it's good to go.

I also bought a kit I found on Ebay, Joan Thomasson's "Happily Ever After"    I've been wanting her "Russian Fairy Tales" something fierce (it was a class kit, I've googled and keep googling, looking for people who are selling their kits - partially finished or not), and I also "need" Magic Nesting Dolls)

I'm itching to start either of those two, but I think the only way I can justify it in my head is to finish two or three WIPS first.

So WIPs that should be finished:
  • Fantasy Sampler
  • Egyptian Sampler
  • BoInk 
  • Deco Spirits
  • Ferret Knot
WIPS with progress

  • Freshwater Pearls
  • Phoenix

New starts I'd like to get to:

  • Silver Moon Tea
  • Red
  • Secret Garden
  • Old World Vineyard
  • Happily Ever After
  • Crossed Wing Hummers (have fabric for most, mostly kitted)
  • Wee Beasties
  • SamSarah's Steampunk Sea Serpent
  • Desert Sunset 
  • Desert Sunset II
  • Biltmore
  • Behold the Field in Which I Grow My F-cks
  • Just Nan Christmas Mice (3)
  • Thanksgiving Fairy
  • Lily of the Valley pixie fairy
  • Christmas Ornaments (Mirabilia)
  • Stained Glass Zelda (sprite stitch)
And just to prove I'm not completely insane -
Things I have no intentions to work on (they can wait til 2015 *or* I might dig them out for YOTA weekends):

  • Celestial Dragon
  • Chinese Dragon
  • Enchanter
  • Fortunate Traveler

So clearly, I will work on my 11 or 12 big WIPs *and* do all of the extra things *and* work on my RR, right?  RIGHT?   I don't need sleep either, right?  Or a job?  haha.

Sunday, December 14

Wild West Sheriff - Chubby Nutcracker by Sweetheart Tree

I just started a round robin not long ago with a few friends.

For the first round, I stitched on my friend Kathy's.   She has a thing for nut crackers, and she chose the Chubby Nutcracker series for us to stitch.

I chose the Wild West Sheriff since everyone knows me for being a Texan.   I did the hat band in satin stitch and chose to do the entire face over one.

Added in the name and voila!

Now I just have to figure out what motif/s to do for Amanda's!

Wednesday, December 10

SALs for 2015

I think the most fun part of getting back into stitching is participating in stitch-a-longs.

That said, I feel like I only partly participated in a few last year, since I missed joining any at the beginning of the year, but this year, I'm already racking up a few SALs to participate in!

I am trying to focus on those that will allow me to work through my WIP/UFO pile.    I tend towards larger designs, so I'm not participating in anything that requires smalls or finishes... I also prefer to post on my own blog, so I'm not joining anything that makes me post elsewhere (though I do like watching!)

So far I have -

  • DESIGN SAL, which introduces people to designers every month.   Each month, you post a piece with a different designer - the deets are on the main page.
  • Year of the Magnificent TW for 2015, hosted at Sceal Teach
  • Measi's fantastic WIPocalypse, which is my favorite SAL.

  • YOTA (first Saturday, though I know with my weekend crazyness, I might miss a few)

And I'm hoping
  • TUSAL will continue (I even have plans for a new ort container)
  • IHSW, too :)

And I've joined a couple of Facebook SALs that are starting in January:

  • New Year, New Start SAL on January 1
    I'm stitching the stained glass Zelda Windwaker piece from SpriteStitch
  • Race to Spring SAL starting on January 5.  
    From January 5 to March 20, one should finish a WIP/UFO that has not been stitched on in the previous 6 months.  I'm going to work on either Fantasy Sampler or Egyptian Sampler.   Everyone that finishes is entered in a drawing.  I don't know if I care about the drawing, so much as I do actually getting a TW out of the way. 

And finally, I'm joining in on the 2015 CloudsFactory Mystery SAL.  It's zodiac themed, and their stuff is so cute, that it seemed like a fun thing to join in.  I've been wanting to join in with a mystery somewhere, but I'm always leery, because I'm not sure I'll actually like the end product.  I think I will like this one :)

I've already updated my tentative rotation for 2015.
I really like stitching large pieces in rotation until a certain "thing" is done, whether it's a motif, area, color, etc.  For Deco Spirits, it's easy - an entire block, for BoInk, it's a page (or three).   Some of the pieces are more difficult to define, so I can get "stuck" because I really like discrete mini-completions to celebrate, but I get there eventually.

Monday, December 8

WIPocalypse Year-End Review


Theme: Recap your accomplishments for the year! (Your finishes, your final before/after photos, etc).

So I'm pretty sure I've finished with any WIPocalypse progress.   I have a round-robin piece to work on and I know there's not a whole lot of time left in the year to get any significant progress done (I work over the holidays, I'm "essential personnel" so no holiday stitching time for me!).

So here's a run-down of WiP progress... just that stuff I had waiting for attention when I got myself back to stitching.

Finishes:  4 whole finishes!!!
Letters from Nora - S by Mirabilia (finished 6/19, started 2011 or 12?)

Halloween Fairy by Mirabilia (Finished 7/28, started 2009):

Miss New Year's Fairy by Mirabilia (Finish 10/13, started in 2011? maybe)

Wee Beasties Round Robin (Finish 12/14, started in 2004)

Deco Spirits Start:

Deco Spirits Current:

Ferret Knot Start:

Ferret Knot Current:

I've got two pictures of progress because I'm too lazy to bother taking the piece out of the qsnaps.

I'm not sure how much the next one counts, but I'll just throw it in here for good measure.

Chinese Dragon (Pinn) Start (2007):


I'm really looking forward to next year's WIPocalypse.   Now that I seem to be back to stitching, it's been fun getting back to my old lovelies (though I have to admit, having a new start now and then is nice... they've been my old lovelies for a very, very long time!)

Sunday, December 7

Margaret Sherry Christmas Mouse #3

Apparently I'm rocking and rolling with the stitching this weekend while I binge watch Breaking Bad ;)  I finally got around to finishing the last of the three Margaret Sherry mice from WOCS #220.

These are adorable little stitches.  I just let myself get distracted, but now it's done!  Woot woot!

Here are all three done - washed and ironed and everything.

Saturday, December 6

Chinese Dragon by Pinn - Home at Last

Apparently this is the week of the stitching awesomeness for me!

Several years ago (2007) I was in a UFORR (my third UFO-RR, I believe), and sent off my Chinese Dragon.    Susan, the mod in charge of the RR was just in front of me (I think?)  and she took it upon herself to ask me if she could keep it a bit longer to stitch extra on it.   Of course!  was my reply - after all it was a UFO for a reason.   My aunt had bought this pattern and kitted it up for me, but it's not really my style, so I have a hard time stitching on it.   But, it was a gift, so I really want to get it done.   I suspect that not much stitching got done on it by the other stitchers in the RR when Susan received it ;) .  

Cue a few moves on my part and life and everything, and Susan had it a little longer than either of us planned, though we were never out of touch.  Susan is amazingly responsible, so I never worried about it, I was more worried I'd forget to tell her where I was living.   Well, she finally decided it was time for the dragon to go home, but WOW!  the progress!!!

Here's how I sent it off in 2007

And here's how it was returned to me!
An entire page (of a four page chart) is done, and it's mostly solid stitching, though Susan did warn me about the multiple color changes.

So excited!
I feel like there's an actual chance this guy will get done some day!   I think the hardest part will be stitching on aida, it's my least fabric fabric but I chose it since the design is solid stitching, I thought it would be better.