Friday, July 29

Tapestry update and plans, so many plans...

First off - here's where I stand with Tapestry!  I think I'm about 70% done.

July 28, 2016

Next?  Well, we're half way through the year, and I realized I've done a lot.  But I want to do MOAR!!! I don't know if it's really all that possible, but I'm gonna try.  And dream big, right?

So here's what I'd like to accomplish for the rest of the year, or is basically my rotation:

  • Egyptian Sampler - Finish it!
  • Fantasy Sampler - Finish it!
  • Freshwater Pearls - PROGRESS!
  • Deco Spirits - PROGRESS!  At least one more panel.

My work rotation (because I'm just going to stitch in my free time at work, when I can, assuming I don't get a new job, which I'm hoping for):
  • Triforce of BadAssery - Finish it!  (this is something I'm stitching for a friend and his birthday isn't so far off)
  • Desert Sunsets - Finish them!
  • Biltmore - Start *and* Finish it!  (I need to find fabric for it, I'm not using the aida from the kit)

I am giving myself full permission to DROP ALL THAT SHIT in December (or maybe over the Turkey Day holidays).
Why you say?  Because for the holidays I wanna have fun, which means:
  • Stitching ALL of the Just Nan mice that I have not done.
  • Stitch the new Game of Thrones pattern I just bought (it's cute, and very simple). 
I can always go back to whatever I have on hand, or just play in my stash should I manage to finish those early.  

I get two days off for Christmas, so I should get a bunch done unless I'm engaging in obligations with the SO's family.
I don't waste vacation time over Christmas because I'm "essential" and my family is too far away to make a short trip worthwhile, and while I'm at it,  let me get a little rant out:
I'm a little cranky that the University is engaging in what I consider shenanigans.  We have four of five days (between Christmas and NY) as paid holidays, but due to the nature of our work, we will be working two of those (I don't mind, I get what's called "Equal Time Off" and I'd rather use that for vacation I choose).   The fifth day, the university is "closed" and *all* non-essential university employees aren't allowed to be here, but people must use their own vacation, which I think is unfair.   "Hey, you're not allowed to be here, but you have to use your own vacay not to be" is uncool.   Me?  I have to be here.  Doing very little, but hey, a warm body must be here in case of emergencies (which have happened) and my coworker will be out - she does a charity thing, and I honestly don't mind, so it's a perfect pairing.  So there's my little rant:  I'm sorry non essentials, that you get dicked over, and only by the grace of a boxed checked somewhere on my employment form do I get to be here and get paid without wasting leave, *and* get to hang out during a couple of holiday days for some free vacation time.  Yay.

That digression aside:

January 1, I'm going to start Namaste, and I'll try to stitch straight through that (I might consider alternating motifs and Deco Spirits panels).  And then I'll revisit goals and rotations.  Hopefully I will have made progress on the above.

I have plans for the new year, but I want to clean out more WIPS.  And I purchased a bit from the PTP sale, luckily those fabrics are for bucket list/future things like Amphitrite by Mirabilia (well, they call her Aphrodite, but they're wrong).

Monday, July 25

Hearts of America - Texas

Another finish!   This is an old (2002) kit from the Victoria Sampler.  They sell these bunch together in charts now, which is good, because I think I want to do more.  This is Hearts of America, #28 - Texas, featuring the Ribbon Stitch

Hearts of America - Texas by Victoria Sampler, Finished 7-22-2016
I really liked this cute little heart.   I decided to stitch this kit on the bus in the afternoon/evenings, because I get super motion sick trying to read on the bus, only that didn't work, I still had motion sickness problems.  So I've just kept it in my work bag and worked on it at lunches.   It was utterly filthy by the time I finished, it, but since it's all DMC, I went ahead and washed it with some dawn without worrying about it.  Much better now!

This kit featured the ribbon stitch (that band on top of the armadillo).   I do like how a specialty stitch is featured in individual kits by VS.   I have an old piece where I tried to teach myself bullion stitches.  That didn't work out so well, though.

I really like having this, and I keep thinking that I want to purchase the charts, so I can stitch all of the states I've lived in.   I go back and forth between stitching them as one big bell pull (on a solid piece of fabric), or finishing each state and adding them on as I go, so I can have a running tally of all the places I've lived?   If I want to talk about places I've "seriously" lived (more than a year), I'd need California, Arizona, and North Carolina... and there is a very high chance of me moving in the future, so it could be fun, and by individually finishing them I could just keep adding on and not worry about keeping extra material "just in case" (plus, this little guy wouldn't go to waste, not that re-stitching it would be difficult or time consuming).


Thursday, July 21

WIPocalypse for July?

As I stared at the moon this morning, I realized it should be time for July's WIPocalypse post!

My only WIPocalypse progress since the last post was finishing the Zodiac Sampler (huzzah!)

I personally only count older/previous WIPs for my WIPocalypse, so the rest of my progress isn't worth of showing off, but I am steadily working on Ink Circles's Tapestry.

And as a bonus, since I never got around to posting it, here is what my TUSAL post should have looked like:



I added all of the kit threads from Through the Stars and the fluffy stuff on top is from Tapestry.  2016's biscornu is going to be fat!

This month's question from Measi is:

If you are not participating in the [Olympic] challenge, tell us how this year’s stitching is going for you so far, and if you’re meeting your stitching goals so far for the year.

First off, the reason I'm not participating in the Olympic challenge is that I don't have live TV, so I feel a bit disconnected from the whole Olympics thing anyway.
As for my stitching goals?  Just like always, I'm doing a fair amount of stitching, and I do think I've done a good job hitting my goals, but as always, I wish I were further ahead ;)
Taking part in the Tapestry Stitch Along with my friends is definitely pushing my WIPocalypse goals back, but I'm just as happy to be doing something with my friends.   It is giving me time to think about what I want to stitch next, which is nice, too.   I was thinking of Random-Number-Generating my rotation, but there are a couple of pieces I think I want to work on, which would be just as awesome.

And, I mentioned in an earlier post that I'd gotten rid of at least one WIP, so I guess there is that reduction.  

I just looked and I'm "down" 5 and I have what I think is a pretty realistic goal of polishing off two more.  So maybe I'm more pleased than I thought :)

Wednesday, July 20


Here's a bit more progress...

Monday, July 18

More Tapestry done!

I had a wicked head-summer-cold this weekend, so I just stayed in and watched some TV.  I watched Season 2 Penny Dreadful, finished Witches of East End and Hannibal season 3.   I stitched a little slowly, because Penny Dreadful and Hannibal have such awesome visuals, it's hard to pay attention to both!

I finished the left side middle - the way the motifs work, I think of the design as having 9 sections like a tic-tac-toe board.

And I got most of the bottom right corner done, too!

Monday, July 11

Post Seattle Tapestry update

As I mentioned previously, a bunch of us are working on Ink Circles's Tapestry.

Here's where I was when I got off the plane.  I was rushing to the corner because the fabric did not seem big enough, even though I measured, measured, measured:

July 3
 My colors are all off because of different lighting, but I really like working on each motif as I'd go.

July 9th
 I finished the whole corner bit, so I thought I would work down the right hand side.
July 11
 And this is the right side - I started by filling out the fleur-de-lis-ish motif from the center square and will use that as my guide on working down.  I'll probably work clockwise on this piece.
July 11
And just for fun, this was my view/seating arrangement for most of the stitching (it was rather nice).  I'm using an old kindle fire (that I don't use for anything, really) to stitch from while I travel, though it seems to be bleeding over into "not" travel, too, because it's convenient.  I scanned the design/pattern into a PDF and I'm using a program to highlight as I stitch.   It's not perfect, but it's fun for now.

How I organized my table and wine :)

View of Lake Washington (I think that's the right lake)
This will severely slow my progress on my WIPocalypse WIPs, but it's still fun.  I'm going to try to stitch this whole thing through, and we'll see how that goes.

Wednesday, June 29

HappyDance Through the Stars!

I finally finished Through the Stars this weekend!  Which means I only finished it about 6 months late.  I consider that a huge win.  For those along playing along at home, one might remember that life blew up in my face in mid-March and I stopped stitching for a very long time.  For having only picked this back up in March of this year, I think I knocked it out fairly well.  Especially considering how much frogging I had to do with it!

The only alteration I made was stitching the gold in regular DMC 3820.  The kit had satin 3820 in it, but I was not about to work with satin floss again.  I briefly considered using a matching silk, but ultimately I don't think it really mattered much.  It's an adorable piece, not some sort of artisan museum thing where I had to make it as swanky as possible (or I would have made the stars glass beads).   Speaking of the kit:  It was more than generous, I had what looked like an entire skein of some colors left over.   As part of my Happy Dance Tradition, I always trash all of the regular floss from a kit (even though it is DMC), though I did save the WDW and put it in my organizer (you never know!).

So here's the whole thing!
Started 1 January 2015;
Finished 24 June 2016;
Stitched on 32 ct Gothic Belfast linen from Picture This Plus
Using DMC and Weeks Dye Works floss:

Aries is still the cutest.
And I was feeling lazy about detail shots, so here's just a whole bunch of the monthly shots as I finished them through the year & a half (dates might be off by a couple of days):

Initial frame: 18 February 2015
Capricorn: 21 Feb 2015
Aquarius 21 Feb 2015
Pisces 14 Mar 2016
Planets and frame symbols: 26 Mar 2016
Aries:  12 May 2016
Taurus: 15 May 2106
Sagittarius: 28 May 2016
Gemini: 16 June 2016
Scorpio: 18 June 2016
Libra: 18 June 2016
Virgo: 19 June 2016
Cancer: 24 June 2016
Leo: 24 June 2016
One of the things I discovered was that if the gold circle framing was all done, it took me about 4-5 hours to stitch each sign, which is nice.   It meant that when I was cruising along and SO CLOSE to being done with this piece on the plane, I knew I had about 2 hours left to stitch.

Leo was done after Cancer only because I had realized that I missed the two little stars near his right haunch there.   It's funny, though, because I thought if I did a couple/few extra signs, that would just mean I'd finish this piece in October instead of December or something - I did not anticipate zooming through this like I did!

I do appreciate the ability to stitch parts in discrete pieces.  I think that's part of my frustration with huge pieces sometimes - finding the times when I feel like I have accomplished something without actually having finished the whole thing.

And even more fun - I can tell you what TV show I was binging for each of the signs that I completed in 2016.  It's funny how that stuff sticks with you.

Now I've moved onto Tapestry, as a StitchALong with friends, so we'll see how far I get with that one before I get bored or move on to something else.