Friday, March 23

More Framing, Pt 2

Finishing up what I started yesterday, here are (most) of the rest of my current framing adventures...

First up is Glendon Place's Mixed Berry Cheesecake.  I still flove it to death, and although the picture makes it look greenish, the frame is actually silver with plummy accents:

Next is my beloved Dracula.  It's hanging in the bedroom (I had a perfect spot for it).  It has the same 'double frame' style that Tapestry does, with the black frame with red scrollwork acting as a mat to the regular black frame around it.

And finally, Regal Peacocks by Teresa Wentzler.  I started this in 2000 and finished in 2001.   I really liked the same inner frame we used with Tapestry for this one;  people who have seen it in person really like the piece overall, which also makes me feel good about it.

I remember, once upon a time, that a friend came to visit my place with her son.  She was someone I met on the TWBB, and because I had nothing on the walls remotely resembling stitching, the son remarked "I thought she was a stitcher?" or something along those lines to her.   I'm happy to say that if anyone came to visit my place now, they would definitely know that a stitcher lives there, and that makes me happy.

Thursday, March 22

More Framing, Pt 1

I thought I'd share some more framing (not all, I think I forgot to take pictures of Ferret Knot and Celtic Christmas, though I'll get there, too), because I have a lot of pictures, I'll break it up into a couple of posts...

First up is Tapestry by Ink Circles.   Nick actually framed it using two frames - the inner is like a mat, which is pretty cool!

Next up is Immaculate Heart by Ink Circles, which is probably one of my very favorite pieces of all time.   Because it feels so medieval to me, I wanted a really heavy frame, which is what I got!  It has that hand-scraped, irregular feel to it, which is absolutely perfect.

This first pic is a little washed out - it was hard taking pictures because it was pretty late/dark.

Next is a Commemorative Needleroll by Chatelaine Designs.
Martina came to visit Houston in 2005, and it was really interesting meeting her at Jo's (formerly of Dinky Dyes) house.   I finished this in 2005, but I redid the initials in 2014.   Right now it's my only finished Chatelaine, but I love it.

Tuesday, March 20

Plenty and Blessings by Brooke's Books

Today I have too many pictures of my Brooke's Books finishes - Plenty (fruit basket) and Blessings (fish).   These are both part of the Bride's Tree series.  I know Brooke's Books mostly from the 'dress up' series that are really pretty dresses from the Disney princesses.

Both of these were fun to stitch, Plenty was way faster/more fun than I thought it would be!

This is Plenty, this first picture is the best color-correct photo I managed.  The close ups seem to pull warmer, but that's OK.  I really, really like the addition of the champagne beads, they're fantastic.

The pattern calls for an overdye, but I did it with the equivalent DMC (which is listed in the pattern)

Wine! Pickles!   Plenty, by Brookes Books, finished 3-18-2018

And then there was Blessings.
I saw this finished as a sample in Stitcher's Paradise (in Las Vegas).  It is such a pretty fish, and I just loved stitching on it.

I couldn't find a place where I liked my signature, so I ended ups signing in the dirt (as it were).

So those are the ornaments - I think they're super adorable.   Hopefully I'll have more progress for WIPocalypse (since I skipped last month), now that I'm stitching again.

Monday, March 19


This weekend was IHSW - the International Hermit and Stitch weekend hosted by Joysze at her blog and on Facebook.  I worked on a couple of gift pieces while I watched the other half (re)play Last of Us.

These two little pieces were really fun to stitch!

Blessings, by Brooke's Books

Plenty, by Brooke's Books

And I really wanted to work on Boink or DecoSpirits, but I ended up picking up my MillHill Sugar Skull again.  Because of all of the beadwork, I think I'll rush to get this one done next.   I just kind of want it out of the way with all of those beads mingling in bags.

And finally, it's also time for TUSAL, the Totally Useful Stitch A Long hosted by Daffycat (also on Facebook), where we show off our orts.  These are the orts I've collected since the beginning of 2018.

If the rats' nest of threads I still have available from the Mill Hill kit doesn't take a big hit, I'll end up with a whole lotta threads for that container!

I'll have a more detailed post re: the finishes tomorrow; I wanted to get this up this morning, but didn't have time (danged meetings!)...

Thursday, March 15

Desert Sunrise, Sunrise II, and Sunset (a kind of TBT)

I didn't get a chance to show off my finished Desert Sunrise, because I finished it and handed it off for framing at Nick's.  I did get her back, and the sister pieces!

I bought the three Desert pieces from Fireside Originals at Ginger's Needlework in Austin when I lived there in the late 90s.   I finished the first one in 2001 on the recommended Feather Blue(?) 18 ct aida.  Years later I decided I wanted to do them on evenweave because I don't like the look of aida when it shows in the piece.   The problem is that I couldn't find a perfect match with the Feather Blue aida, and because I don't have an LNS, I ended up having a lot of different 36ct blueish greys - I stick to the 36ct because I really wanted all three pieces to be the same size. 

Nick is (of course) a genius and came up with this stunning framing combo.  I didn't even realize that mat cores came in some of these colors.  All of the black mats have different colored cores, and he matched as well as he could, and I think they came out great.  The rough country wood look to the frame is just perfect.  Even the OtherHalf really liked them.

I can't wait to figure out a place to hang all three of these beauties.   Arizona is one of the places I'd be happy to move back to.

This is Desert Sunrise, by Fireside Originals; Finished in 2001

Desert Sunrise II; Finished 2017

And my very favorite, finished this year; and part of the Year of WIPs :)
Desert Sunset; Finished 2018

So those are my three beauties.  I think I know where I'm going to hang them, but I'm still cogitating on whether I think it's a prominent enough spot, because I'm super proud of these.

Wednesday, March 14

First Paper Piecing

I totally forgot!  I also have my first attempt at (foundation) paper piecing.  I saw it in the Quiltville Facebook group and decided to give it a whirl with a fat quarter bundle of Halloween fabrics that have been hanging around in my stash.  I used the print out from Generations Quilt Patterns.

I can't wait to do more!  I'm thinking of doing a table runner with these fabrics.  Maybe I'll mix one of them up with more than three colors.

Oh, and just for giggles, I finally got my TV wall mounted.  It's on a articulating arm so that it can come straight out, or turn 180 in either direction (and tip down), but my favorite thing was installing an outlet behind it so I can hide the wiring.

Monday, March 12

Update! And sewing; and other reasons for not stitching.

It's been a bit since my last update, and part of that is because I haven't stitched.    Instead of stitching I've been mostly working on the house; though I did do a little sewing.

And this happened:

Her name is Freyja and she was found as a stray.  We think she's ~6mos, and she's the cutest thing.  Mona wasn't very appreciative of her at first, but they get along fine and Mona even jumps around and plays with her once in a while (particularly in the yard).  I swore I wouldn't get a puppy, but wanted an older dog, and she's reminding me why, but she's too cute to stay mad at for long.   It wasn't until I was taking some photos of her that I noticed she has heterochromia (different colored eyes), and, well, she doesn't really let me stitch much ;)   She seems to have rottie and lab in her, maybe some terrier, and I'm hoping to do one of those doggie-dna tests just for fun.

We also replaced all of the (external) doors in the house, and I didn't realize that it did not include painting, so any time the weather is remotely decent, I'm trying to get the interior/exterior painted.  Some day, I swear, I'll get back to stitching.  I'm hoping to IHSW this weekend - we'll see.

But!  I did get a bit of sewing done.  I had to put my sewing machine away for a puppy shower/gaming party, but I think I'm ready to get back to sewing so I can finish off my Hearts Across America banner.

Here's my Tiles Quilt all bound and done:

Folded and looking quite nice on the back of the couch.  I'm super pleased with the colors, but I'll still be using the same pattern for another layer cake I have sitting around (maybe, there's another pattern I'm eyeing as well).

The back of the quilt; I wanted to use one of the little rosebud prints, but I couldn't find it.  This is using the Boundless line - the house brand for Craftsy, I was pretty pleased with the fabric.

And I used the Compositions jelly roll I bought in Vegas to make a modified Jelly Roll Race quilt.  Instead of doing the plain jelly roll, I split every other fabric and lined the wide strip with the skinny strip and then jelly-roll-raced it, just for fun, and I think it came out pretty well, too.

I really liked the map/newsprint fabric in the roll, so I found some on clearance and ordered it for the backing.

I'm thinking of doing a Carpenter Star pattern for the Ruby Fleur fabric and the Two Step for the Space Otters (spirit animals by Tula Pink) that I got at the quilt show.  It looks like I might actually pull off the "less unused fabric by the end of the year" goal that I had!  Now I just need to get around to stitching, or at least training the pupper to let me stitch ;)

Oh, and fun fact - I had another one of those mystery spam posts, turns out that it's because I had the "post from email" turned on, and they used that.   Which is also why I didn't get an email about the blog post posting; it presumed I sent it.  I turned off the post-from-email, and that shouldn't happen again.  I'm just glad I wasn't actually hacked or anything.