Saturday, August 27

Triforce of Badassery (SpriteStitch)

May I present:

Triforce of Badassery from SpriteStitch.  
Started 12.24.2014
Finished 8.27.2016

Done all in PTB 01 on 28ct black lugana

For some reason, my phone does not like this gold.   Sorry about the various colors, I gave up trying to color correct everything, because I was just making things worse.

The PTB wasn't bad to work with at all - I used 2 strands for everything.  I didn't loop, I had my needle in the middle of the thread so I could use it down to it's last bit and it seemed to keep the metallic thread under better control.     It doesn't lay so flat or pretty, but the sparkle is worth it (and it's a gift to a non-crafter, so I'm not too worried about being harshly judged).

I think I'm just going to frame it in a plain black frame with no mat, because it should look good like that (no glass, either, I generally prefer glass, but I think too much of the texture/sparkle will get lost).

This is my 5th WIP down from the beginning of the year, so I'm feeling pretty good about what I've done this year, and now I'll get back to Egyptian Sampler (I was so close to being done, I brought this home to finish it off over the weekend).

Tuesday, August 23

August WIPocalypse!

I think I'm one of the few WIPocalypsers that didn't Olympic stitch, but I still got a lot done... just not as much on my WIPocalypse pieces (Darn you, Tapestry and Barbarian Pooh!)

I have been working a bit on Triforce of Badassery at work.  My September "free time work" project will be genealogy, so I'm hoping to get this finished quickly and work a bit on Desert Sunset before the Labor Day weekend.

I was here:

And now I'm here, finished the first two triangles, working on the third, all in PTB 01:

I made progress on my EPIC RoundRobin.  I finished up the last two bands that I needed to do, now the only thing I have is to do a band on my own RR and it will be done (I'm so tempted not to and declare it "finished," of course).


And I finally got Egyptian Sampler in the Qs.  I'm always amazed at how freakin' slow TWs are, and this border is fussy as all get out on this one (I can't quite get into a good groove with it).

I started here:

And now I'm here (after several evenings of stitching):

It's like TW is taunting me.  Not only do I pick up a TW after forever, but I'm literally stitching almost nothing but quarter stitches with blended threads.   "Did you miss me?" taunts my TW piece.  "No, did you misssssss me? Muahahaha!!"

The progress is also a little skewed.  This was part of a UFO-RoundRobin at some point, and whoever did the left side papyri was one thread off at the top, so I had to frog them all and start over.  I noticed it when I went to start the fourth papyrus motif and saw that it didn't match up (on linens I always try to use two points of reference since the slubs and general variety of thickness sometimes throw me off).   I traced the mistake up all the way to the top.  Oops.

I'm one color away from being done with those 5+6 papyrus motifs so I can start with the eyelets and then I'll backstitch all of it.   I'm actually starting to look forward to the backstitch at this point.   I'll do the Papyrus panel next.    I'm hoping to post on WIPWednesdays for this one, because I feel like if I keep seeing progress, I'll be happier.  I think once the backstitch starts getting in there and makes it look more polished, that will definitely help.

I've stitched TWs before, I'd just forgotten how much slower they are.  I'll get over it, but I might go straight to Fantasy Sampler after I finish this one, though, instead of stitching something easy between them, just so I don't spoil myself again.

Question for the month: Have you ever read any fictional books that involve embroidery? If so, give us some recommendations?
I'm sure I have, but I don't really remember any all that well.   I do keep all of my reviews on Goodreads, but embroidery isn't a category I've ever used (I kinda wish I had, now).

And for some non-WIPpy fun, I had a piece of evenweave left over from the Barbarian Pooh piece that will be the exact size I'll need for Not Today.  Only it was white, which is not what I want to stitch this piece on, but I had left over coffee, soooooo...

I spritzed it with some foaming bleach cleaner, let it dry in the sun, rinsed the heck out of it and I am so happy with the result!

I'll only have a little over half an inch on each side of the design, but I'm going to finish it into a bellpull anyway, so I don't really need the extra.  I serged it so the pieces won't ravel any further.  I can't wait to stitch and finish that piece over the holidays.

Wednesday, August 17


I have two! updates.

One is for the Zelda piece I'm working on at work called Triforce of Badassery (pattern courtesy of SpriteStitch).  I finished the second triangle and can move onto the third.  Huzzah!  I am hoping to get this done in time to get it finished for a friend's birthday and I think I'll make it! (plus, another finished WIP/WIPocalypse item!)

The other is that with my Winnie the Pooh project done, I've slapped Egyptian Sampler back in the home Qsnaps!

I would really like to get it done, though admittedly, I'm not super enthused about stitching it.  I think my lack of enthusiasm is because I've been spoiled on easy stitching - no blending, little confetti, few quarter stitches.  I love TWs and I love them when they're done, but they are more complex than I've been stitching for a while.  I'll be happy enough when have this one done, though.  And I'm hoping that once I 'get used' to TW stitching again, it'll inspire me to work on more (since I have so many WIPs).

Though probably not this weekend, I've been itchin' to videogame ;)

Tuesday, August 16

Pooh the Barbarian

First off - I know, I know.
This piece involves some questionable legalalities, and please don't sue me, Disney.

But I did a thing!  I was super excited and had so much fun with this.

And just so you know how this happened:

At some point in the past week, somewhere, in one of the general FB cross stitch groups, someone posted a finished Winnie the Pooh thing based on this illustration:

Someone else asked where they got the pattern, and the stitcher mentioned it was a freebie, but she didn't remember where she found it.   This got my little wheels turning, because it's a Winnie the Pooh, and that IP belongs to Disney, who isn't so much up with "free."

Sure enough, I used my GoogleFu to find the blog where someone did, indeed, chart out this saying (for a swap).    She actually has a download link to the PDF of the pattern she made.   Now, I'm not going to link to it, because, again with the questionable legalities, but it's not hard to find with Google and the correct phrasing.   I mean, we're individual bloggers, parody, personal use, etc. etc., but I just don't want to have that fight.

Anyway, the hamster wheels kept spinning in my head and I really, really liked that chart and had an idea.

I have occasional giggle fits whenever I see the different quotes that people overlay on Winnie the Pooh illustrations, and this one is probably my favorite:

The innocence and sweetness of the Pooh juxtaposed with the brutality of Conan is just too much for me.

So I did what any overactive mind does and I used Patternmaker to make the mostly same chart as the other blogger and then I did the lettering for the Conan quote.  I did, briefly, consider changing "lamentations" to "bothers" in true Pooh fashion, which also makes me giggle, but ultimately, that lamentations word is so crucial to the quote that I wanted to keep it.

The obvious thing I changed in the design was adding the iconic red shirt to Pooh.   I think, by virtue of my age, I'm much more familiar with Pooh in his red shirt (actually, now that I think of it, I think 99% of my Winnie the Pooh memories/familiarity are thanks to the Kingdom of Hearts videogames). I am more familiar with Piglet in his darker pink/purple jumper, which is how other blogger designed it, but I like the version with the green the better and went that direction.

I didn't pay attention to the colors the original designer used, and chose what I thought would look good from the floss I have on hand (which would be all DMC).

I decided to backstitch the woods with 2 strands instead of 1 (which is how I backstitched everything else) to give it a bit more solidity/depth.   I also only used one strand when I half stitched the sky and shadows because I wanted them to have a lighter effect.

In any event, I love the heck out of this piece and I had so much fun stitching it.

Winnie the Pooh (and characters) are © Disney, the Conan quote is probably © Universal (the studio that made Conan the Barbarian), but even that quote is derivative of something that Genghis Kahn supposedly said.

Monday, August 15

The last of the RR Bands

I have mostly finished my EPIC RR.
And by mostly, I mean that I've finished stitching my bands for everyone else.   All I need to do is stitch my band on my RR (which I'm half tempted not to do, actually, though there's plenty of space).

First, I finished Melanie's RR.
Melanie's had more traditional elements on hers, and was a very, very long and very skinny RR.  I think she mentioned that she was going to turn it into a table runner.   I had a few inches left at the bottom to work with.

I had been playing on a website with freebies and had downloaded a bunch of letters that I really like, and as Melanie's last name starts with an S, I wanted to use that (since mine starts with an S, I thought it would be fun).     Her husband also knows me as the ferret lady, from back in the day when I had several, so a ferret was necessary.    Pancho, my clear favorite, was also known as Emperor Pancho as a joke on the old bulletin boards, so a crown had to show up!  And voila! A band I was super proud of and had a lot of fun stitching.

Next was Belinda's.   She is the designer behind Tor Rhuann designs.   And her RR was looking very clean and crisp and I wanted to do something more along the lines of blackwork.   We all know I'm into Octopuses and other cephalopods, so I adapted some regular cross stitch octopuses into blackwork and just created my own squidlings.    I did end up adding a kind of seed stitching to the octopus heads because I felt like they needed something a little special.

The two end guys are worked in Bethlehem which is a nice overdye that uses a lot of purple and green, and then the two guys in the middle are purple and green solid overdyes.   The squidlings look black, but they're not, I used Royal Purple, which has a purple/blue overdye effect to it.  I'm super happy with the design, and judging by the instagram comments, it's my most successful band so far.

As for my RR, it took a turn I did not expect, and while I'm not at all unhappy with what people stitched at all, I did feel it necessitated a change in what I had planned to stitch for my band.  Hopefully I'll get to that one soon and I will officially take it off the WIP list (wouldn't that be nice!).  While I'm technically done with the obligation part of the stitching, it would be unfair to call it complete at this point, I think.

And in other news, I started a new project that I was itching to do before I get back to my rotation.  It should be done today/tonight, so I can't wait to show that off.

Wednesday, August 10

Tapestry! by Ink Circles

I did a thing! It's an awesome thing!  It's Tapestry!

Tapestry by Ink Circles; finished 7 Aug 2016
I finally finished Tapestry on Sunday night.   I really thought I wouldn't get it done until this coming weekend, but I hit it with a determination I rarely muster for non-death situations ;)  I couldn't take any decent pictures because I finished so late on Sunday, Monday was way dark because of thunderstorms, and couldn't get outside until last night.  /phew

There are only two other large pieces I've stitched straight through, and the other two were because of "races" that I was taking part in as a stitcher (Storyteller, which was a brutal 6 weeks, and Moonlight Dragon).

I was completely out of Pine (the grass/dark green overdye) and I was down to my last length of Cider, and I had an entire skein of Aztec Gold left, which I just find baffling.  I still had a length of the first skein, so that was odd.   I just want to mention that, because these overdyes vary so much with lots that I'd hate for someone to run out of something.   I don't know why I would have run out of Pine, I am pretty floss conservative and didn't even use full crosses unless I was in an area where the color was changing on the thread.   Weird.

And it was stitched on my very favorite fabric in the known universe - Platinum 30ct Murano.

This piece isn't just really pretty, it is deeply, deeply personal to me:  I took part of an SAL with friends and (most of us) started when we were all together in Phoenix this year for a get together.  The fabric was gifted to my by a friend (who has/had a whole bolt of that Murano!!!) and I even had to borrow someone else's Dark Chocolate because I forgot to bring it with me.   I really enjoyed it, and I will always think of my very good friends when I see it.    I think I've even come up with a brilliant! scheme to get it framed this year so it can go on my wall of awesome women.

And sadly, no bling for those really hot, hot close ups, but I took some anyway.

Wednesday, August 3

TUSAL and #WIPWednesday

First off I have my orts for the Totally Useless Stitch A Long hosted by Daffycat (button over there in the sidebar).

I have my before/after backwards, but I was so excited about my afterwards!  And while the pictures are not at the same angle, I think we can all agree that there's some definite progress in there.  I have my Tapestry orts, plus the left overs from the Texas kit and the FlipFlops kit (not all that much, really, but yay!)

And for WIPWednesday, have a little Tapestry!

What I'm trying to do is concentrate on the bloom going out at the diagonal in the corner, and then filling in any of the color that I'm working with (so the other blossom motifs grow slowly but surely).  I'll finish the diagonal and then the right side so I can move to the upper middle.  Truthfully, I'm losing interest in stitching this piece - I rarely stitch on large pieces straight through like this, but I'm so close, I'm stubborning my way through it.  I know I'll feel a huge sense of accomplishment when it's done and that's holding me.   I figure it'll take another couple of weekends to finish because I, fortunately, don't have plans for either other than this Friday :)

And for my work #WIPWednesday, I've picked up the Triforce of Badassery again.   I'm off by one row, but I'm just working around it and not frogging, because metallics, UGH.
I'm stitching this on 28ct black lugana with Petite Treasure Braid 01.

This pattern is somewhere on the SpriteStitch site.   I'm nearly 1/3 done!