Saturday, August 27

Triforce of Badassery (SpriteStitch)

May I present:

Triforce of Badassery from SpriteStitch.  
Started 12.24.2014
Finished 8.27.2016

Done all in PTB 01 on 28ct black lugana

For some reason, my phone does not like this gold.   Sorry about the various colors, I gave up trying to color correct everything, because I was just making things worse.

The PTB wasn't bad to work with at all - I used 2 strands for everything.  I didn't loop, I had my needle in the middle of the thread so I could use it down to it's last bit and it seemed to keep the metallic thread under better control.     It doesn't lay so flat or pretty, but the sparkle is worth it (and it's a gift to a non-crafter, so I'm not too worried about being harshly judged).

I think I'm just going to frame it in a plain black frame with no mat, because it should look good like that (no glass, either, I generally prefer glass, but I think too much of the texture/sparkle will get lost).

This is my 5th WIP down from the beginning of the year, so I'm feeling pretty good about what I've done this year, and now I'll get back to Egyptian Sampler (I was so close to being done, I brought this home to finish it off over the weekend).


  1. Excellent finish! Glad the PTB worked well. So far that has been my favourite thread to work with for metallics as well, same method you use. A black frame sounds perfect too. Congrats on crossing another WIP off your list!

    1. Thanks! And yeah, I can't imagine working with anything but PTB and using that same stitching method - it's so much easier!

  2. Congrats on oyur finish, it looks awesome! To be honest I didn't realize from your previous WIP shots that this was a sparkly thread, so you get an extra stemp now for such clean stitches with that!

    1. Thanks! And my camera phone, while super convenient, definitely isn't much on the sparkles, so I don't blame you for not seeing that. I'm glad I did it in metallics, but I'm definitely not in a rush to do a whole-metallic piece again :)

  3. Awesome job it's gorgeous!


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