Monday, January 1

WIPocalypse 2018

Welcome to my WIPocalypse 2018 jump page.

I have a set way I like to do my WIPocalypse, which involves a tab and keeping this single post for editing and updates.   I get these general posts to post to a tab in my blog header, so I can update it through the year.  I will do my first official entry on the first entry "date," so check back on Jan 7th for that one if you're interested/would like to comment.

My WIPocalypse line up and posts only take actual current (as of Jan 1) WIPs into consideration.  Nothing started during 2018 will count.   I'm going to mix things up this year by adding in some non-stitching works, and adding in some projects that involve already-completed works that I'd like to finish all together.

Here they are, cross stitch listed from oldest to youngest.
  1. Fantasy Sampler
  2. Enchanter
  3. Freshwater Pearls
  4. Celestial Dragon
  5. Fortunate Traveler
  6. Chinese Dragon
  7. BoInk
  8. Deco Spirits
  9. Epic RR
  10. Desert Sunsets   - Done
  11. Hearts Across America
  12. Mill Hill Sugar Skull - Done
  13. Blooming 9patch Quilt
  14. Allietare Mystery Quilt (Bonnie Hunter from 2015)
As always, the goal is to get down to less than 6 WIPs (cross stitching). I don't do as much sewing, so I'd like to keep it to one sewing project at a time, but we'll see how that works out (all contingent on me finishing up the active quilt-WIPs I've got)

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