Monday, November 5

I win the innernets!

Do you know how good the internet makes life? Oh sure, there are awesome websites where you can buy stuff, or look at stuff, or download stuff, or whatever.

But the best part is the new friends and contacts you make, and the awesome stitching stuff...

And so I present to you, images of internet life...

First there's a doorprize I won from My Big Toe designs! (I feel even better knowing that I own several MBT designs)...

I wish the picture had come out a little better, but I suspect that I need more sunlight (boo/hiss loss of DST) to properly light the crystals in the fob. It's a deep dark red to the light orange. Then you see a set of stitch markers with it (gorgeous), and then the set of thread picker & marking pins.

And next, the super special prize waiting for me upon my return from Houston!
A package from Janet from Australia

{image missing}

The most awesome esprize package ever! The box contains, not just one, but *two* boxes of Tim Tams (whose nutritional value is measured in Kilojoules instead of Kilocalories or US nutritional Calories, which means that there ARE NO CALORIES!), two boxes of Not-Crap Cadburies! Those aren't your American wax infused gutbombs of wax and sugar! No, ma'am/sir, they are honest to FSM awesome-chocolate as creamy and wonderful as the FSM intended. Then add in two books which are now my coffee table books (sorry St. Peter, you're out), one is panoramas of Australia, the other is the Beautimous city of Brisbane, and last, but not least, Vegemite, which I'll admit to actually liking. So does Pancho, I don't know about the other weasels, because the last time I had Vegemite, it was just Pancho and Salsa, and, well, poor Salsa wouldn't touch the stuff.

I do know that when I opened the tube (oh, wait, you thought I waited to dive into the box? Oh no, mes amis, I waited as long as it took to start tearing open packages to just have a little taste) that Mona ran for her crate. I think that's a bad sign? I mean, it is the dog that eats cat and ferret "treats" and various insects as treats and thinks that chewing on trees is delightful.

I had been jonesin' for some Tim Tams, and wouldn't you know it, the Awesome Aussie Fairy, Janet delivered right about the time that the inner Tim-Tam destroyer was about to start begging all of my Aussie buddies.

So today, I wins. I wins all of the innernets, because I won a doorprize from the Online Cross-Stitch show and an awesome Aussie sent me an Awesome package (btw, the point of the package? A leaflet she was looking for a home for!).

I believe I have some Karma to pass on.


  1. TIM TAMS.....I love TIM I have to ask my friends to send me more!

    1. I actually had a friend this past weekend leave some for me with a friend, who was at a conference in another state (that was confusing: Friend from Mauritius brought TimTams to my friend who he was seeing at a conference in Texas... and I will get them from her in Maryland! haha!)


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