Thursday, February 7

In news of the stitchy world...

So some time ago, I put away all stitching. Now I don't care about my thesis, so I'm feeling all kinds of apathetic toward school and kinda annoyed with life in general and thinking that I would pull the stitching out. I'm sure that will change soon. I promise to work on my thesis... next week (heh).

During my self created non-stitching-time, I did allow myself one project: The UFORR.

And then - June sent me a RAK! My care package consisted of the Griffon bookmark by Dracolair (holy baby octopus does that thing have some fractionals, but it's the bookmark I've wanted the mostestest!), and what may break my non-stitchingness, the 2004 Hummingbird from Crossed Wing Collection. I noticed it was postmarked on 1/29. The postman dropped hid secured it behind some potted plants, and I would have never seen it if I hadn't gone out the front to try to figure out what I want to do with the butterfly garden this year (I have a plan!)

I originally intended for this to be the year of the Hummingbird. Last year I wanted to get all of the Mirabilia holiday fairies done (and well, yeah, I'm running behind on that one), and this year I wanted to be the year of the Hummers. I even bought the appropriate fabrics from CATS. I may go ahead and break them out. They're small, and at least I'll feel like I might have accomplished something, right? A few small projects won't hurt anyone, right? right?

In the meantime, I've put away the books for now, so that I'll stick to reading/studying the LATG handbook that I put by the wayside. Since I bummed myself out and decided to not go to a couple of classes I was planning on, I've decided that I have no excuse *not* to get my LATG certification by the end of summer. Plans, you see. Plans.

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