Monday, October 15

The Wagon TW-SAL

So you get an update for the Wagon's TW Stitch-a-long.

I know I got a late start because I was finishing a couple of projects started at CATS, but at least I got started! I'll have to interrupt my stitching so I can work on Missy's Sweater/Halloween costume.


And here it is with one corner motif finished (10-14).
I've started the vines near the box (from the apex of the diamond, on down to the left)... when I finish the vines on that side, I'll move onto the top right box (the lion motif). Then I'll move down with the vine there, too.

I really underestimated what a PITA those animals are. So many little stitches, so much confetti (which ordinarily doesn't drive me nuts) and so, so much backstitching! Egads! I've also realized how much I love computer charts. This is one of ye olde hand-drawn charts. Yuck.

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