Monday, January 22

IHSW - January

My first IHSW in a long, long time!  I'm going to try to take part in these more.  Even just one weekend a month to do my thing would be fantastic.

Now, truth be told, this wasn't the most IHSW weekend it could have been - I had some previous projects that were already scheduled for this weekend - I need to paint one wall and finish some repairs, do a little work with mounting the TV, getting all of our peripherals done, and getting the wiring behind the wall (Partner thought it a little silly, but it would make me happy, and it's relatively easy to do and keep in code).  Ultimately, it's good, because it means we'll have our entertainment set up (finally) and I'll be able to chillax and stitch on the couch even easier ;)

But first up?  I finished my Lavender Biscornu!

I also did a few stitches on my Ink Spot #19 that I did not take a picture of (probably less than 20 stitches)...

before realizing that I wanted to work on my North Carolina heart, which I finished! so there's that.

It was a great weekend.  I think we're all pretty happy now.   And as an aside, I've made progress on helping out my fish tank.  The 55 is about done cycling, but more important, the 20 gal got 'old tank syndrome' (my fault) and I'm almost done treating/fixing that so the fish can be safely moved to the 55.


  1. So happy to hear that you had a great weekend. Your biscornu is beautiful.

  2. A very productive weekend. Love the biscornu and the heart.

  3. That biscornu is so darling!!!! I couldn't reply to your comment cos your email came up as a no comment blogger. EEEEK!!! So, I figured this will have to work till we can link up via email. Switching templates mucked up some of my blog links, so heres the one to the fabric backing tutorial: Meantime, my email is joyszeroo at gmail dot com just in case. :D

    1. Gah! I thought I fixed the 'no comment blogger' thing. I'll get right on that :)
      (and thank you!)

  4. Beautiful work! Congratulations on your finishes!

  5. Beautiful work. I love your biscornu finish. The heart is too beautiful too.

  6. So for not hermitting and stitching that much, you made great progress and even had two finishes - that's what I call a successful IHSW. Well done!


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