Thursday, January 18

2018 Year of WIPs

I'll be participating in the Year of WIPs by Soulful Stitching (Facebook group).  I saw a number of other bloggers posting about it, so I joined the group, too.   This seemed like a great idea, since I want to just finish out some projects, with only a few starts this year.

To be "eligible" (though I don't care about the prize, I'm just competitive ;) ), you have to list at least 15 WIPS. 
Since I didn't have 15, I went ahead and spent a few days starting everything that I would like to complete this year (although the clarifying post made it seem like I might not have had to, but that's OK).   There is a check in three times over the course of the year after the first (so the initial Jan 18, April 18, July 18, Oct 18, and the final check in on Dec 18).  Each piece will have up to 5 photos (initial plus the four check ins), hopefully there will be less from finishing earlier!

I've also created a page/tab with this information so I can keep everything updated there as we go along.  Should be fun!
  1. Desert Sunset/Sunrise
  2. Lavender Biscornu (2016) 
  3. Blackwork Biscornu (2017)
  4. Ink Spot #19: Brave New Year (2018)
  5. Zenia
  6. Epic RR
  7. Hearts Across America - North Carolina
  8. Fantasy Sampler
  9. Freshwater Pearls
  10. Deco Spirits
  11. Book of Ink Circles
  12. Mill Hill Sugar Skull (I totally forgot about this one until I found it in a bag, it'll fall under WIPocalypse, too!)
  13. Celestial Dragon
  14. Fortunate Traveler
  15. Chinese Dragon

Here are the pictures, I'll add in the new after each as we go.

Desert Sunrise by Fireside Originals

Lavender Biscornu by Rainburst Embroidery

Blackwork Floral Biscornu by Sweetheart Tree

Inkspot #19 by Ink Circles

Zenia by Mirabilia/Nora Corbett

Epic RR, by me and friends

Hearts Across America - North Carolina

Fantasy Sampler by Teresa Wentzler

Freshwater Pearls by DMC

DecoSpirits by Mirabilia/Nora Corbett

Book of Ink Circles by Ink Circles

Mill Hill Sugar Sull

Celestial Dragon by Teresa Wentzler

Fortunate Traveler by Teresa Wentzler

Chinese Dragon by Pinn


  1. You have a nice line up there! Looking forward to watching them grow this year.

    1. Thanks! I'm also hoping that having them listed will encourage me to do just a little bit, even if it's only one length/quarter :)

  2. That's a great idea! I'm going to join in too, and having a separate page might be a good idea. :) Great choices and good luck with everything. I'm impressed how far Pearls has come.

    1. Thanks! I really liked the idea - I wanted to give credit to the bloggers I linked from, but I can't remember who they all are (there were a few!). I like the separate page idea, not having to search makes me happy.

  3. I've joined this too! I'm so excited about getting some finishes. Too legit to quit!

    1. Awesome! I look forward to your progress!

  4. I've joined up too. Looks like a fun excuse to work hard on my WIPs. I picked out 20 that I really really want finished this year. We'll see. Good luck with your projects. You picked beautiful ones.

    1. Awesome! I'm glad you've joined. I like any fun SALs, and this one meshes nicely with my "let's not overtax ourselves" since it will work with WIPocalypse (and hopefully encourage better finishing :) ).

      Thank you for your nice comments, I look forward to seeing your progress, too :)

  5. That's a great list of WIPs, I hope we'll see lots of finishes :)

    1. Thanks! And I hope so, too ;)

  6. Nice mix of projects. Looking forward to seeing your progress on them. I looked at the SAL and in a normal year would not have had a problem coming up with 15 WIPs but I am on a strict rotation of 2. Maybe next year.

    1. good luck with your strict rotation! I wish I could stick to that, but I do not have the willpower/wherewithall :)


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