Wednesday, September 13

#WIPWednesday, Fruit Cocktail Mini Dessert

This is a mini-dessert kit I picked up while diving through some older charts in an LNS in Las Vegas.
I found the Mixed Berry Cheesecake there (which I'd been hunting for a long, long time), so I was happy to pick this one up, too, even though it's not really my color bag.

Unfortunately during exhaustion, or confusion, or whatever, I cut the overdyed threads the wrong way, so the colors don't "turn" right.   the colors were supposed to go from Pink to White to Green to Yellow to Peach (I think?) and instead just go from Pink to Peach to Yellow to Green (I never really go to the white), so it looks nothing like the model, and I'm a bit miffed, but it's small, and not something I'm super in love with in the first place.  I'll live.

I don't have the beads yet, they'll show up while I'm out of town at the yearly board game convention I go to (which didn't used to be out of town - hah), so this is where it's at for now (while I work on Mixed Berry, though not the overdyes yet, I'm going to do the regular silks first and then make sure I cut the threads in the right direction).

So here's this WIP, while I play with another WIP and wait for all of the beads to come for one big bead-nanza.   I'm also debating whether or not I want to frame these or sew them into a hangings.


  1. I think it looks great. although I don't know how it is 'supposed' to look like. Who cares - this one is yours! I don't think I ever put that much thought into how to cut my threads either, I'll keep it in mind from now on...

    1. Thanks! I'll post the model picture when I get the completed picture done - it just bugs me because I feel like the piece looks "dirty"

      I think the way the thread is cut is probably more critical because there are so many more colors in the thread (5) than your typical variegated/over dyed thread :)


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