Wednesday, September 6

Royal Capri by Mill Hill

A while back on the Book of Faces, I posted a new ring I had bought... or was going to buy... I can't quite remember.   But anyway, Holly of Holly's Stitching and Stuff mentioned that she had a Star Trek emblem pin she thought to send me, and she sent a little Mill Hill kit along as well!

In her very kind note, she mentioned that she thought the kit would go well with my periwinkle laundry room.

Here's my paint!  I don't have a good picture of the room, really.
I finished it this weekend!  or I thought I had.

Play the "Where is the Missing Bead!" game here.
I forgot one stinkin' bead, which I hadn't noticed until I decided to take pictures.  Oops.

So then I (eventually) got that one little bead in.   I did the entire project while watching my new tv-show crack (which is 1) unfortunately only on Netflix until Sept 30 and 2) unfortunately only covering two seasons when they have more somewhere, bah!)

I had a bit of a time with the back and stitching it together, but I'm ultimately happy (hearing that others had the same kind of issue made me feel a little better about myself, too).

I seem to be working through small projects right now.  I'm trying to get myself back geared up to work on the Fantasy Sampler piece I was so determined to finish last fall.  We'll see if I get there.

I didn't post a WIPocalypse update, because I didn't have much to update.  But hey, I'm enjoying my newly fenced back yard!

Oh, and I did do this one thing while the back  yard was fenced! I painted an old end table.  I'm attached to it (it belonged to grandparent-figures of mine, who are thankfully safe outside of Houston, my entire family seems to have made it out relatively unscathed, boat rescue not-withstanding).


  1. That's a lovely little finish and that end table looks gorgeous. I'm glad your whole family is save! I'm sure your taste for bigger projects will return sooner rather than later.

    1. Thanks, Leonore! I suspect that my drive for bigger projects will pop up in the winter time, when I want to snuggle into the couch more ;)


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