Monday, July 31

Finished (and FINISHED!) Not Today by Crown Street Cottage

I did it - I finished and finished Not Today (for reasons, before the sugar skull)

It's a Game of Thrones black/red work pattern I purchased from Crown Street Cottage on Etsy.  This is a link directly to the item for purchase.

I stitched it on a piece of white evenweave I had left over from another project that I decided to coffee dye.  Long and skinny, just like this banner.   I was originally going to get a generic sword shaped letter opener, but discovered that the Game of Thrones (officially licensed, yo), Ice (Ned Stark's sword, which is the same one in the banner as far as I can tell) was only a couple of bucks more.  So worth it.  It was also one of the few that was long enough for the width of the fabric.

What really cracked me up was that I had gotten some light weight command hook picture frame hangers for the kitchen.  They don't adhere to the travertine tile so well, but they're not only fine on the door, they are the exact width of the blade of my letter opener.
So now it is hanging in the entrance to the LadyLair (aka Lady Cave 2.0)

I was originally going to finish the back with a red fabric, but I found a black and white fabric I really liked - it reminded me of the House of Black and White, which is perfect for the design (if you don't GoT, just trust me).

Started 2/15/2017; Finished 7/23/2017

Nifty Ice letter opener and perfectly sized command hooks for hanging

Top section:
For someone who does. not. like, blackwork/backstitching, I sure did a lot of it.

Middle Section:  Pretty sure that's also Ice (and more backstitching)

Bottom - probably the hardest/most fiddly section; mostly quarter stitching and BS
That tassel was.... challenging to sew into the bellpull.

The backing - I really, really like it.

So here I am, letting my geek flag (banner) fly (hang).


  1. Wow, that's awesome! You did great (and even more so if you don't particularly enjoy backstitch!) and the finish with the sword is just perfect. Well done!

    1. Thanks! :) That back-stitching was BRUTAL!

  2. That is amazing!! Especially if you don't like backstitch. Very cool completion and fully finished object. It definitely sounds as if it was all meant to be exactly like that.

    1. Thank you so much! It was a lot of fun to finish :)


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