Thursday, October 6

Ta heck with the bad picture - MOAR PROGRESS!

I finished the metallics and about half of the beads.  Since the weather here is supposed to be bad the next few days (thanks to Matthew, but not any of the actual bad hurricane effects), I anticipate a weekend Happy Dance (I might have finished tonight if I didn't have plans).  I'll hope for a sunny Sunday for lots of pics.

I'll finish off the border beads and then get that band finished.

Bad picture/bad lighting, don't care ;)


  1. Awesome!! That is so cool.

  2. So close! Awesome. It might not be the best of pictures, but I kind of like the way the colours look in this one!

  3. Thank's y'all! I think this picture makes the fabric look super rough, too, for some reason. Oh well :)


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