Monday, August 11

August WiPocalypse update


I'm actually all excited because I have stuff to brag about (I think!) for this month's WiPocalypse update.   As in, down one and much progress on another.

I finished Halloween Fairy by Mirabilia (yee haw!), so that's one down.

(More pics here)

And I made some progress on BoInk.

Carpet Block 1
Long shot - Carpet Block 1
Carpet Block 1 with bonus Barfy (always makes me giggle like a kid)
Carpet Block 2
Carpet Block 2
I practice a very loose rotation - I have it posted to the right, but it's not the strictest rotation ever, I just work on what I want, while trying to balance my excitement with rewards (as in, I am less excited about this one, but will suffer through it to get to THAT GUY, haha!).   I am excited both about Deco Sprits and BoInk, but since I just finished a Mirabilia I wanted to stitch on something different.  Originally, I was going to stitch one piece of the carpet page and then move along, but I'm enjoying myself entirely too much and will just stitch pages until I'm feeling satisfied.  Hopefully I'll get to DecoSpirits soon, but last night I thought of adding metallics to the carpet page and went a little bonkers playing with kreiniks and treasure braids for that.  I even thought about stitching a third page, and then going to Deco to go back to BoInk... we'll see how it goes.

Tell us about your oldest and newest WIPs.
Oldest is easy - it's Fantasy Sampler by Teresa Wentzler.  I start it way back in the day, in late 1999, shortly after I moved back to Houston from Austin and was living in a teeny tiny studio apartment.  I would just hang out on the floor and stitch. 

And just to date it further, I saw Fantasy Sampler somewhere, and scoured ebay for it, and ended up paying $25 for that pattern.  It seems foolish now, in the digital age where things seem to bet getting easier to find, and so many patterns have been re-released either online or in compendium books, but hey, it made me happy.  I still have that leaflet, signed by Teresa, but I have not progressed as well as I should have.   It's even so "old" that it's still on the original scroll bars I started it on (I switched to Qsnaps long, long ago and never looked back).
Here it currently stands (I took a new picture after I realized the old picture was a little bit behind):
Fantasy Sampler by Teresa Wentzler
My newest WiP is Deco Spirits, started in June of this year.  I think it's not going to make the "oldest" list ever, not with as many TWs as I have started.
Deco Spirits by Mirabilia
And just for giggles, here are a few bonus photos, one is my "WiP" slot in my closet, which is utterly inaccurate.   I want to get all of my WiPs down into their bags and in that slot, so at least that's my goal.   Those are all of my really old WiPs, my newer ones are scattered about in bags all over the place.   One of my goals for this month is to at least spreadsheet my patterns and get everything "contained" :)

This photo is just of a WiP that I hadn't taken a photo of, yet.  It's Celtic Ferret Knot by White Willow Stitching.   I have always been fascinated by stitchers who stitch a page at a time (with those utterly clean edges on their WiPs) and I thought this one is a good one to try that with.  It's a little monotonous, with just a few colors, but I thought if I did the black bits first (DMC black is the only solid I'm using, the rest will be overdyes), and filled it in, it might go a bit faster.  This is pages 2 & 3 (pages 3 and 6 only have a very few rows on them).
The needles stuck through the cheek makes me think that the ferret is going through an experimental stage and got some body-modification done.
Chosen threads.
And this one is just a current photo of Egyptian Sampler, another WiP I'm hoping to get to this year.   I kept thinking the other photo I had up was not quite right, so I dragged it out for a photo while I was doing Fantasy Sampler's.
This has just been hanging out since I got it back from a UFO-RR in 2008 or so...
So that's it for this month's WIPocalypse update.   Hopefully I'll have some good progress for September's, though I definitely do not anticipate any happy dances for that one - I should have more of BoInk and  DS done, maybe if I'm lucky some more New Year Fairy (but most likely, house projects will keep me killer busy and not actually that far ahead on the WIP updates).


  1. Anonymous11:43

    Great progress on your WIP's! I hear you on containing the stash, even virtually. I never had the patience to maintain the list so I resorted to keeping photos of the covers so at least I know I have a design when the house seemingly eats it.

  2. Haha! Thanks!
    I knew I had to do something when I bought a duplicate chart recently... and now I found that I have three of them!
    I definitely have a lot less stash than I did a few years ago (move & divorce), but to be frank, I had it organized but not listed. Hopefully this new system will work (and it's online so I can check when I'm out of town shopping!)


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