Wednesday, February 11

RAK me, baby!

So once upon a time, I got an awesome RAK. It's the Ferret Chronicles book by Richard Bach... now I had figured out who sent it to me, and then the next week, I got an awesome new package, with the coolest cool thing that was ever cool! My very own Ferret! From the Ewok himself!

I also got some de-licious chocolates and marzipan, but I can't show them to you, I eated them :) There is also a wonderful red blanket, but Mona keeps stealing it. No seriously, she takes it to her pillow and sucks on it like it's her very own woobie..

Plus! A beautiful FOB, and, of course, those beautiful Sparklies samples.

So then about the same time, I got another RAK. This time from the awesome Jennifer... this mug ROCKS, and when I get my very own office (or sooner) I'll totally take it to work.

And finally, the funniest tshirt ever made, very apropos and awesome via the awesome Heather:

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