Monday, July 14

More blasphemous crafty goodness

Let's jump in the way-back machine and remember the time that the Virgin of Lourdes was cursing my experiments...

I threatened to come up with a little idol/icon of my own. And I did.

And I had to go to the crafty store the other day to pick up some grommets to fix something the dogs had torn apart... and do you know what crafty stores carry in addition to sewing notions? Do you? Do ya really? Well I'll tell you - Polymer/modelling clay.

I know how to use modeling clay... See?

Now, unfortunately, three or four little FSMs gave their lives to teach me how to make them correctly. Basically, their eyestalks were all dorked up. I don't know how long it took me to wake up and stick some little wires into the eyes so that they would stay up. Not all of the survivors have wires in their eyestalks.

The one all the way to the left in the top photo is actually the first FSM. He worked like a charm. The ones that came after him unfortunately did not survive the baking process (eyestalks go boom). It also took me a while to get the correct mixture of white + ecru. The plain "ecru" (I say tan) is my little whole-wheat FSM in the bottom picture.

All in all I'm rather pleased. And I've brought my whole-wheat FSM with me to work, which is a good thing too, because the graduate school gods aligned well for me and several experiments have failed, and *I* get to use the left over brains, which is exactly what I need to get the rest of my data.

And here's a working (camera phone) shot of ye Olde FSM watching over fluorescent immunos:

I win. And the FSM seems to be pleased.

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