Tuesday, June 10

Fantasy Exchange

I got my Fantasy Exchange this weekend from Heather!

The bookmarks are gorgeous! They're beautifully stitched *and* beautifully finished. I think her mad finishing skillz way outclass mine, at least in the bookmark division.

But the best part (or at least that keeps me entertained for hours like a cat with a new plastic grocery bag)...

It's a teensy, weensy stitched treasure chest! And it does open (thank heavens for longish nails)

Here it is open - I wish I had a better shot, but with bad lighting and a dying camera battery, it was the best I could do.

I should have posted it sooner, but I got it this weekend and we had a lot of sporadic thunderstorm activity, so I was off-line a lot. And then the camera battery died. So there was that. And I'm a total slacker-loser as well.

Unfortunately, I sent mine really late (a week late), because I'm an utter moron with no internal calendar at all at this point. Even as Kari was giving me updates on her Fantasy Exchange, I still blanked on the mail date. Thank FSM the piece was already stitched and I had decided on what I wanted to send, or I really would have been up poo creek. When my exchange partner receives her package, I'll post what I sent, but until then, you just get my piece. I'm rather proud of mine (the one I sent) and would only change one thing (that I kinda can't help).

Funny enough, not this last round of my UFORR, but the one before, I thought I was mailing one or two weeks early and I was so damn proud of myself... only to discover that I mailed it *on* *time*. I'm so glad I'm having fun with this current UFO-RR and have committed myself to working on it on the weekends, so I know I get plenty in.

I solemnly swear to keep my ass out of any exchanges or obligations or requirements until I finish my thesis. Except for the UFORR, because at this point, it's my only stitching (even BOInk has gone by the thesis-side). It's such a painful promise to make to myself since it looks like there's a TW Celtic bookmarks exchange. I could just make one anyway and send it to myself (Hah!)

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