Thursday, August 14

Framed Storyteller By Teresa Wentzler

I completely forgot to post this picture!   When I got the rest of my pieces framed at Nick's, I also got Storyteller framed.  Unfortunately, I was not clear on my desire for spacers, so I think there was a bit of a mix up.  I took ST to a local framer I really like (who I just don't use because while he's very good, he's also expensive!) and had him add in spacers.

I got ST back a bit ago, and now I just need to find a place to hang it.  I'm running out of wall space!  (or I need more walls?  Haha!)

Here is the whole thing framed, I just adore that frame.
I stitched Storyteller from 6/29/2001 through 3/17/2002

Detail of the dragon, intently listening:

Detail of the actual Storyteller, with two things:
1.   Someone converted the storyteller to a female (as in, added long hair).  I really, really wish I had done that, too.  It's one of the few times I wish I could go back and just re-do that bit, but I chose to believe it's a female Storyteller anyway (I have short hair, too), but it would be nice for it to be "obvious"
2.   There's a dog or ferret hair on the Storyteller's cape there in the photo.  I found a few other hairs on the piece (through photos).  It *could* be hair on the glass, but I don't think so.    And here's where my c'est la vie/animal person personality proves itself... There are all kinds of stitchers out there:  There are the ones that never eat or do anything near their stitching that would make it dirty or contaminate it.  I wouldn't be surprised if these people wore gloves to stitch.  They're just super picky about the cleanliness of their pieces.    There are people who are "mostly clean"... regularly wash their hands, try to keep things need, but maybe they'll lick some floss now and again, trusting their washing techniques to get things out.   I'm a little lower than that.  I don't (generally) eat while I stitch, though I do drink, but I leave my stash out where the animals can play in them (or like Mona, just sleep on it), so it does get an errant hair or three.   I know that some people would see that dog or ferret hair (I think it's dog, but it could be a Salsa hair) and freak the hell out.    I think it's wonderful, and now my critters will be with my hard work forever.   I poured love and effort into this piece, and now one of my babies will always be a part of it as well.

And this is just a corner shot with the frame.   It was the corners that gave away the lack of a spacer - I saw the beads got smushed.    The beads weren't righted, which I might someday take care of, but in the meantime, I'm just glad the glass isn't on the stitching.

So that's the last of my pro-framed pieces.   I do love this piece so much, and I can't wait to get more framed!  (I really should finish some stuff, though, right?)

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