Wednesday, August 13

Bathroom is all done!

So I had posted previously about the new bathroom reno.   Other than the mirror (which I'd like to replace eventually for something framed and not in the way of the lights), the only thing I had left to do was the new towel & paper holders and the faucet.  

I love the look of oil rubbed bronze (brushed nickel would be in second place), so that's what I got to match.

Replacing towel bars/rings and toilet paper holders doesn't phase me, it's the faucet I was terrified of working on. yet it was so freakin' easy, it was ridiculous.   Well, not easy per se, since the contractors who installed it cross threaded the nut on the bottom and I ended up breaking nails and rubbing my hand raw holding the pipe to loosen it (in the end, I ended up cutting the nut off, believe it or not).

But here are my glorious results!  I'm absurdly proud of myself for doing it!

The 4" center-set oil-rubbed bronze faucet.  So proud!  Even more proud of the matching drain flange - I thought it would be a lot harder than it was.  If I hadn't been fighting with the nut, it would have probably taken less than 20 minutes.

Towel ring in this shot.  The paper holder is from the same series as the ring.
This weekend?  The kitchen reno starts! Which will pretty much finish off the things I can do.  There are some other improvements I'd like to make, but we'll have to hire a handyman to help me out with them (things like taking out walls or painting the 18' stairwell)

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