Friday, August 15

Quickie BoInk update

Part of my "loose" rotation was that I thought it would be fun to do multiple BoInk pages... and then after doing the math I realized if I did four pages at at time, I could finish about the same time as Deco Spirits (or at least in as many turns).  And since the first page was much more involved than the following, I thought it was a grand idea.

Until last night when I realized I had reached the end of my enjoyment for that piece... so I finished the page and I'll be moving along now.   It was fun, and I'm sure it'll be as fun again.

Still debating metallics in it.   I'm not sure if it would bring the appropriate "POW" to the piece I'm looking for, or if I should enjoy the contrast with the gold border (the critter pages WILL be getting some shine).

So here's Page 3, finished last night:

I'm home sick today, so maybe I'll make good progress on DecoSpirits and get back to working on a Mirabilia fairy ;)


  1. Hi hon! Thanks for stopping by my poor neglected blog. I just found yours! Love your framed TW. And love Hallowwen Fairy. I have Trick or Treat all kitted but yet to start.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Kathy!

    I neglected the blog for about 5 years, so I "tossed" all of my non-stitching posts and started over after the trip to Phoenix!

    I have Trick or Treat kitted, but I'm waiting until I reduce my WiP-load! haha!

  3. Thanks for stopping by! Almost thought you were a brand new blogger for a minute but happy to see a familiar face here:). Glad you're blogging and stitching again and will be adding you to my reading list though it may be a little neglected for awhile when the twins get here.

  4. Haha! I've been trying to recreate my blog reading list (and adding a few others), and commenting more. I am not on stitching boards as much as I used to be, but yep! Back to blogging and stitching! :)


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