Monday, April 23

April IHSW & another bonus TUSAL

This weekend was IHSW - the International Hermit and Stitch weekend hosted by Joysze at her blog and on Facebook.   I stayed at home, nursing a sick puppy (Mona is off her arthritis meds and on prednisone, which makes her sad) and watching a bunch of Netflix (mostly Marcella).

I meant to work on finishing my Hearts of America, but I was way too lazy to straighten up the craft/guest room enough to get to the machine, so I worked on Deco Spirits instead.

I was here (working on Water):

and now I'm here:

I usually wait to do the metallics later (all of that blue and the gold is kreinik and PTB), but because there was so much, I decided to get it over with a little early and then get back to the white.   I had to take the picture at an angle because it just would not show up in straight on photos.

My stitching has been super slow, because a certain Tiny Monster keeps demanding attention.  And if I don't pay attention, she starts running off with threads, kreiniks, etc.    And I've also discovered the joy of having a black haired dog.  I used to just find white hairs stuck in everything that I couldn't quite remove.  Now I have fine black hairs in the mix with those white hairs.  Oy vey!

And as a bonus, I also remembered to take an ort/TUSAL shot (TUSAL, the Totally Useful Stitch A Long hosted by Daffycat (also on Facebook), where we show off our orts). I have to keep pushing down the orts, but I'm getting a nice Deco strata in there ;)


  1. Nice progress! I fully endorse working on what you feel like in the moment. :)

  2. Beautiful progress. Dealing with dog hairs are worth it. Dogs are amazing. They love you no matter what.

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  4. Beautiful design, and so much progress (especially when one considers you're stitching with Kreinik!), and great orts, too! :)

  5. Awesome ORTs! Just lovely!

    Long ago, I used to have a white cat (the original Daffycat) and couldn't wear dark clothes, then we got a black & white Border Collie so I used to joke, "Now, I can't wear anything!"

  6. Great progress. Oh yes, the fur issue. I had a black cat and a white one a number of years ago - there was ALWAYS a hair showing in any of my projects. It used to irritate me but now that they're both gone, when I find one of their hairs in a WIP, I get a little teary but then smile.

  7. For being distracted by poor sad puppy, you've made a ton of progress! Looks great.


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