Tuesday, March 20

Plenty and Blessings by Brooke's Books

Today I have too many pictures of my Brooke's Books finishes - Plenty (fruit basket) and Blessings (fish).   These are both part of the Bride's Tree series.  I know Brooke's Books mostly from the 'dress up' series that are really pretty dresses from the Disney princesses.

Both of these were fun to stitch, Plenty was way faster/more fun than I thought it would be!

This is Plenty, this first picture is the best color-correct photo I managed.  The close ups seem to pull warmer, but that's OK.  I really, really like the addition of the champagne beads, they're fantastic.

The pattern calls for an overdye, but I did it with the equivalent DMC (which is listed in the pattern)

Wine! Pickles!   Plenty, by Brookes Books, finished 3-18-2018

And then there was Blessings.
I saw this finished as a sample in Stitcher's Paradise (in Las Vegas).  It is such a pretty fish, and I just loved stitching on it.

I couldn't find a place where I liked my signature, so I ended ups signing in the dirt (as it were).

So those are the ornaments - I think they're super adorable.   Hopefully I'll have more progress for WIPocalypse (since I skipped last month), now that I'm stitching again.


  1. Both of these are just too cute. Congrats on the finishes.

    1. Thanks! They were so fun to stitch, too :)

  2. Gorgeous! I've seen these stitched up on another blog (I think it was Crafty Rahenna) and love this series. Your colours are so soft and pretty. I think sometimes a block colour like DMC can be very effective.

    1. Thanks! And I think the DMC came out super well. Sometimes I think it doesn't work, but these are so small, I think it's great :)

  3. Wow! I already loved those in your last post, but with the close ups they are even prettier.


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