Tuesday, October 31

Mixed Berry Cheesecake

There's a small story behind this one.

I saw someone post Mixed Berry Cheesecake (once upon a time), somewhere (couldn't tell ya where, sorry!) by Glendon Place and I fell in love with it.  Unfortunately, it was a limited edition piece and had been out for a while.  With the popularity of the Glendon Place desserts, of course it was sold out everywhere.   There were even a couple of stores that had it listed online, and yet when I ordered, they returned my money, because of course it was sold out.   I'd kind of given up (and I'm not one to engage in any illegal copying/sites).

I was in Las Vegas during my annual sojourn for MLK weekend, and I was at Stitcher's Paradise.   They have a crazy awesome, well stocked store.  More importantly are their two side rooms - one is full of fabric and is a great place to do floss tosses, and the other is full of old stock organized in those magazine holders by designer.

I've found lots of really good stuff in there and I love hanging out in there while everyone else is floss-tossing and doing other stuff.   Lo'!  And Behold!  They had one last Mixed Berry Cheesecake!

The cool part about these limited edition kits is that they have a specially dyed silk that is five of their regular colors and they tell you what the sequence is supposed to be and where to start/finish the particular portion of the design.  I think it's pretty cool.

I did not start it right away because I didn't like the fabric that came in the kit, Bashful by PTP, because it was way too pink.   So I spent a lot of time looking for a slightly pink, but not pink fabric.  I bought a lot of fabric that was pinker than the Bashful, and just sucked it up and used it.  Turns out it wasn't so pink!  Haha.   My only real complaint with the kit is that there was barely enough fiber to finish the design.   If I had made any mistake, I couldn't have finished it - and I tend to be fairly frugal with threads.  I think for a less thread-frugal person or someone who makes a mistake, they would be screwed.  It wouldn't have been much to add an extra length of each (especially the 5 color sequence that you can't buy extra of).  I have a full set of Dinkys, so I could have made up the difference for the solids - not everyone does, and of course there's the lot difference.

So here we are, my first finished Glendon Place Dessert, even if it is a mini.  I took pictures of it in different lighting to try to catch the pinkish (but not too pink) of the fabric.  My camera phone always goes bonkers with pinks/purples/blues, making them over saturated, but I'm still pretty pleased that you can tell what's going on in the design.

Started 9/10/2017 and finished 9/24/2017

Picture in the shade, the colors of the silks are pretty saturated here. 
I do love the beading throughout the piece as well.

In more direct light, the background is so pale it looks white against the berry colors, the silks are more true here, though the purples look a little grey.

Direct/setting sunlight, it shows off how much of the beading is throughout with the shadows.

These colors were so much fun to stitch.  So pretty and easy

Very true colors in this shot.

The middle is bead heavy.  I'm thinking of a triple mat using the pink/blue/purple (if I can get the framer to agree ;) )

I almost forgot to stitch the "natural" (not quite white) bits.

More of the corner beading.

I just added this photo because I accidentally put it through a filter and I loved it when it popped up.
So glad to have gotten this one finished!! :)


  1. Oh I love that. The colors are beautiful. So glad you were able to find it afterall. I hate when they kit up kits to not include enough thread. I'm working on a kit right now and of course last night I made a mistake. I luckily was able to pull the thread back out so hopefully I didn't waste too much.

    1. Thank you! And the colors are what drew me in :)
      I do get frustrated with kits that are skimpy with floss or fabric. I don't need a ton of leftovers (I've had that before, too), but I always worry about usage, even though I'm pretty good about that.

  2. Great finish! This one definitely is more dynamic than the other and love the colours! So odd about the kits being so short on fibers and I'll watch for that.

    1. Thanks! I like this one so much! And definitely watch the threads on their kits. :j

  3. It's gorgeous! I'm so happy four you sou could still score a kit. And I adore the slanted pictures...makes me want to go and pick up my Red Velvet Cake!

    1. Thank you very much! And I really did luck out :) I've already promised the chart to someone else, I was hoping to at least save one length of the 5 sequenced fiber for her, so that's a bummer, but I know she'll figure something out.

      I like slanted bead pictures. Some other blog had them, and it really makes me itchy to stitch, so I started taking them, too :)

      And I'd love to see your Red Velvet Cake! I love the desserts, though I haven't been brave enough to tackle a large one, yet :)


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