Sunday, January 1

WIPocalypse 2017

Good god, 2017, where does the time go?

Here are my WIPocalypse projects, only WIPs/UFOs as of December 31, 2016 count (for me) in loose order of "need to kill in 2017":
  1. Epic RR
  2. Fantasy Sampler
  3. Deco Spirits - progress
  4. Desert Sunsets - 1 finished
  5. BoInk
  6. Freshwater Pearls - progress
  7. Celestial Dragon
  8. Stained Glass Zelda  Good reasons for starting; good reasons for not continuing :)
  9. Fortunate Traveler 
  10. Enchanter 
  11. Chinese Dragon 
Here they are from oldest to youngest.
  1. Fantasy Sampler
  2. Enchanter
  3. Freshwater Pearls - progress
  4. Celestial Dragon
  5. Fortunate Traveler
  6. Chinese Dragon
  7. BoInk
  8. Deco Spirits - progress
  9. Epic RR
  10. Stained Glass Zelda  - Good reasons for starting; good reasons for not continuing :)
  11. Desert Sunsets 1 finished
Personally, I am tickled that I'm down to less than a dozen WIPs.
Goal is still to get it to 6; I could never be a One-At-A-Timer, but I do have a lot of kitted projects waiting in the wings, I'll definitely never finish all of my projects in my lifetime, though I can dream.


  1. Remembering how much you managed to finish this year, I'd say this list looks very manageable :) I'm looking forward to following you along!

    1. Thanks! And I feel good about this list, especially after finishing Egyptian Sampler :) Now I feel like I can get another TW in and keep moving along.
      When I get to Enchanter there will be a definite slowdown - that one is a BEAST! Beautiful, but wow.

  2. Good luck whittling them down! Maybe for every 2 finishes you get one new start?

    1. That's what I was thinking. I have slotted projects, a spreadsheet with 6 slots. They're all assigned, so I just need to empty a "slot" to refill it.
      They're all themed, they make me happier that way :)


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