Wednesday, September 28

Triforce of Badassery, Framed

I finally got around to framing Triforce.
It was a gift for a friend's birthday, so it seemed a little inadequate to just hand it over.
I special ordered the frame to fit, I wanted a plain black frame, no mat, because I really like how simple the design is.

I decided to not glass it, as I think it would take away from the metallic.
And, of course, I used a black foamcore so that it stayed as dark as possible.
Since it was a fairly easy piece to frame, I went ahead and did it myself.  It's properly pinned and laced (to keep the extra fabric behaving).

I threw it up on my entryway wall to take a quick picture. I'm happy with it.  


  1. Looks great! I agree, the simple framing really works well with this design.


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