Friday, July 29

Tapestry update and plans, so many plans...

First off - here's where I stand with Tapestry!  I think I'm about 70% done.

July 28, 2016

Next?  Well, we're half way through the year, and I realized I've done a lot.  But I want to do MOAR!!! I don't know if it's really all that possible, but I'm gonna try.  And dream big, right?

So here's what I'd like to accomplish for the rest of the year, or is basically my rotation:

  • Egyptian Sampler - Finish it!
  • Fantasy Sampler - Finish it!
  • Freshwater Pearls - PROGRESS!
  • Deco Spirits - PROGRESS!  At least one more panel.

My work rotation (because I'm just going to stitch in my free time at work, when I can, assuming I don't get a new job, which I'm hoping for):
  • Triforce of BadAssery - Finish it!  (this is something I'm stitching for a friend and his birthday isn't so far off)
  • Desert Sunsets - Finish them!
  • Biltmore - Start *and* Finish it!  (I need to find fabric for it, I'm not using the aida from the kit)

I am giving myself full permission to DROP ALL THAT SHIT in December (or maybe over the Turkey Day holidays).
Why you say?  Because for the holidays I wanna have fun, which means:
  • Stitching ALL of the Just Nan mice that I have not done.
  • Stitch the new Game of Thrones pattern I just bought (it's cute, and very simple). 
I can always go back to whatever I have on hand, or just play in my stash should I manage to finish those early.  

I get two days off for Christmas, so I should get a bunch done unless I'm engaging in obligations with the SO's family.
I don't waste vacation time over Christmas because I'm "essential" and my family is too far away to make a short trip worthwhile, and while I'm at it,  let me get a little rant out:
I'm a little cranky that the University is engaging in what I consider shenanigans.  We have four of five days (between Christmas and NY) as paid holidays, but due to the nature of our work, we will be working two of those (I don't mind, I get what's called "Equal Time Off" and I'd rather use that for vacation I choose).   The fifth day, the university is "closed" and *all* non-essential university employees aren't allowed to be here, but people must use their own vacation, which I think is unfair.   "Hey, you're not allowed to be here, but you have to use your own vacay not to be" is uncool.   Me?  I have to be here.  Doing very little, but hey, a warm body must be here in case of emergencies (which have happened) and my coworker will be out - she does a charity thing, and I honestly don't mind, so it's a perfect pairing.  So there's my little rant:  I'm sorry non essentials, that you get dicked over, and only by the grace of a boxed checked somewhere on my employment form do I get to be here and get paid without wasting leave, *and* get to hang out during a couple of holiday days for some free vacation time.  Yay.

That digression aside:

January 1, I'm going to start Namaste, and I'll try to stitch straight through that (I might consider alternating motifs and Deco Spirits panels).  And then I'll revisit goals and rotations.  Hopefully I will have made progress on the above.

I have plans for the new year, but I want to clean out more WIPS.  And I purchased a bit from the PTP sale, luckily those fabrics are for bucket list/future things like Amphitrite by Mirabilia (well, they call her Aphrodite, but they're wrong).


  1. Wow, great progress! You're breezing through this one so very fast, and I can see why, it's absolutely lovely and must be a joy to work on. Great plans for the rest of the year as well, I hope you'll be able to meet them all and I'm really looking forward to seeing you work on them, especially the two TWs :)
    As for christmas vacation, my university handles things similarly, as it seems...we do get Christmas Eve and New Years Eve off, and the 25th and 26th are public holidays around here anyway, but for the rest of the time until January 6th (which is a holiday as well, so it's really only until the 5th) we need to use our own vacation time. I don't think we really have any 'essential' stuff, at least not in the location I work, and we are technically allowed to be there and work, however, the central heating is turned of for this time, so very little people choose to work anyway. I'm usually not in town anyways since we are visiting my boyfriends family over the holiday, but it is a bit of a strange rule, isn't it?

    1. My favorite workplace was a (state university) hospital where I was a researcher. Since people don't stop needing medical care over the holidays, we only had 5 actual holiday days where we weren't expected to be there (just care staff, doctors, etc.), and the other 11 designated state holidays we were allowed to take or bank. And the banked holidays never expired, capped out, or anything, so when I left I got them cashed out, but I could have taken them if I wanted to - I think that was awesome. My boss was Jewish, so he took his extra holidays for his religious stuff and left us working in the lab, it was awesome!

      And thanks on my progress! I feel like I'm building stitching momentum (while simultaneously starting to burn out on Tapestry) - and it's nice, especially after last year's epic slump :)

  2. Tapestry is looking amazing! You're stitching so fast.
    I work in retail now. One day off for Christmas then in on Boxing Day to put the Sale in. I hate it!

    1. UGH! I remember retail days - I don't miss those.

  3. Beautiful progress!


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