Thursday, May 12


I was hoping to get this in for WIPWednesday, but that's OK.
I got back to stitching and I'm done with Aries (the best of all of the signs)!

I'm almost done with Taurus as well - since I got a month behind, I started stitching them both at the same time - just stitching all of whatever color I was working on.  I need to do the nebula star thing and the flowers for Taurus and I'll be caught up.

I doubled up the back stitching in the horns because I couldn't see it well enough, and I wish I had done it for the thistle stems, but they seem OK anyway.

I can't decide if I'll get back to stitching something else, or if I'll just keep plugging away on this piece.  It makes me happy and I"m a fan of "screaming" rotations rather than planned things.  I'm thinking if I do that, I'll still stick to my plan of stitching the sign for the month, and when I'm done with it, I'll just work backwards, so after Taurus will be Sagittarius since the mystery started with Capricorn.

I'm also still plugging away at yoga.  I did a person 40 classes in 40 days challenge for my 40th birthday.  And on May 6th, the studio started a 20 in 20 challenge (though 5 of the classes must be circuit for you to "qualify" as a finish).   I'm up to date on the 20/20 except for the circuit classes but I've been feeling super run down lately, and I'm not sure what's going on.  I can't tell if I'm fighting a low grade something, but it would definitely curtail any crazy activities, like the "stadium run" they're doing Saturday for 2! circuit "credits."  We'll see ;)


  1. Great looking Aries and good luck with the yoga circuit. I hope you're not fighting anything, maybe get a little more iron in your diet and see if that helps? Provided no restrictions, etc.

    1. Thanks!
      I was thinking of iron, and it turns out that it's a stomach issue thanks to the huge amounts of antiinflammatories the doctor I saw had me on. Some Kefir, omeprazole and famotidine after a few days is already helping, that and changing the AIs ;)

  2. Yeah Aries rock! Lol great progress good luck with your classes!

  3. Aries looks great! I agree, as long as you don't have any deadlines to work to, you should just stitch whatever you feel like stitching :)


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