Sunday, January 24

WIPocalypse 2016

My WIPocalypse goals are to get as many WIPs done as possible, I'd like to get a rotation down to 6 pieces.   Only WIPS as of January 1, 2016 will count for WIPocalypse, anything else I pick up is just naughty ;)

I have a spreadsheet I've made so that I can assign works to (loosely) themed "slots"

This is what I have in my WIP pile (not counting adopted works that someone else started that I'd like to pick up).
I'll update this page/post through the year (it's under the WIPocalypse page/tab)
  1. Epic RR  - Just my band left
  2. Clouds Factory Zodiac Mystery  Finished 6.24
  3. Mirabilia Thanksgiving Fairy Finished 2.14
  4. WWCKD Finished 3.25
  5. Ferret Knot Finished 2.17
  6. Deco Spirits 
  7. Desert Sunsets - progress!
  8. Stained Glass Zelda 
  9. BoInk - worked on
  10. Egyptian Sampler Finished 10.7
  11. Fantasy Sampler - progress!
  12. Freshwater Pearls
  13. Fortunate Traveler
  14. Phoenix - Abandoned! Destroyed! GONE!
  15. Celestial Dragon
  16. Enchanter
  17. Chinese Dragon
  18. TriForce of Badassery Finished 08.27

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