Monday, November 30

Thanksgiving weekend progress

Thanksgiving was pretty fun.  Didn't get anything done, but I wasn't at work, which is a win, right?

I did not do any shopping this year (I don't usually, at best I'll have something I want to buy and I might wait for BlackFriday sale if it means I can get it for a bit cheaper).

My "Crazy" Black Friday amounted to:
  • a text book (Amazon had their 30% off one book coupon)
  • three audiobooks from Audible
  • 2 dishes from Calamityware (well, they had been budgeted for this pay period anyway and I was hoping for a BlackFriday sale - sadly their sale was getting their puzzle for free, but now I'm down to only 2 of their dishes that I don't have yet!  yay!).  

I did go to Ikea for a part for my LadyCave desk, and oddly, it was a ghost town on Friday; I went because we were driving by, not because I'm naturally a glutton for punishment, so I was stressing crowds that weren't actually there, haha.

Saturday we hosted a game day/cocktail party.  Basically, gaming all day, but I had fixin's for cocktails.   I had a really good sangria, and I decided to also focus on bourbon/whiskey drinks because I was in the mood for it.   I managed to drink a couple of Spiced Apple Manhattans, which I quite liked.

Sunday I bought some fabric for the Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt (Allietare), and I finally used some fabric remnants I grabbed when I was at JoAnn for Halloween costume goodies for a bit of home decor.

So here's the fabric!  Not all/enough, but it's supposed to be scrappy, so I went on a fat quarter binge, except for the grey, that's supposed to be a "constant" and the red, because I just adore that fabric;  I figure if I run out of a color scheme, I can just get more FQs, since it's not all supposed to match:

And here are my new remnant couch pillows!


  1. Great shopping spree! The game party sounds like a lot of fun

  2. The fabric on this pillows is lovely - sounds like you had a lot of fun :)

  3. Nice bargains and how funny that Ikea wasn't busy at all. Great pillows!


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