Wednesday, March 4


So there's not much in the way of stitching this week (or probably next), because other "works in progress" are taking place about ye olde humble abode.

So this is my WIP Wednesday.

From this:

To this - all opened up to the right, framed in and ready to mud/paint/etc.

The rest of the drywall is actually up, I just need to finish the mudding (which I've discovered I'm terrible at, but closet, so I don't think it really matters).   The closet was expanded from 2 1/2 x 3' to 6 1/2' x 3'.  FOUR EXTRA FEET.  I will never understand why they didn't initially expand the closet more (it's under the stairs, there was nothing there).   I'm glad that I'll have a space to hide my craft stuff in when company is over (right now that tends to be behind the "reading chair" in the corner).  And we could have expanded the closet further (I initially only wanted to put in a little niche about 18" deep), but I have a wine rack that I'll be sticking up against that short wall, and it's the perfect height there (so bottles don't fall out of the back).   We even wired in a closet light (LED!) with a switch - so fancy!

Most of our furniture is in the garage (I have to park in the driveway!?! Oh the humanity!) in preparation for new flooring over the weekend (aka: why I wanted to expand the closet now:  So the flooring is consistent).  And I have nefarious plans for the guest bedroom (if I can get away with it, think craft room cum yoga studio... think murphy bed!!!).

I'm also toying with the idea of marking some of the home renovation posts as private (with a password), just because I do worry about privacy, though I do my best to keep everything pretty tame (not much personal showing).   But there are plenty of weirdos out there, I know, I have had to deal with a stalker in the past.  If I go that route, I'll make sure to mention it before I do, and share the password with any interested blog friends.

What I am looking forward to is writing up a post showing off some of my organization.  I've put all/most of my finished pieces in portfolio albums, inspired by a friend who was inspired by this blog post.   I have 5x7, 8x10, 11x14 and 18x24.  

I also have the awesome BONUS!  of having a groupon pop up for the local framer I would like to try out for my cross stitch.  Hopefully it means the beginning of a long and beautiful relationship ;)

And, I just read Twisted Stitcher's way of storing specialty threads which I'm going to adapt.  I don't have as many as she does;  they currently are few enough to live in a single photo box.   I downloaded an app to start cataloging threads, and I can catalog and organize at the same time.  I'm thinking of color coding the thread manufacturer and then alphabetizing them from there (the only shame there is that I have oodles of the standard green pendaflexes and could cheap out on it, which means maybe just using colored tabs?).   Currently, each manufacturer is on a jumbo binder ring and the threads are already alphabetized, so switching systems won't take too long, but I really like the idea of not having to dig through the box.

I'm so excited for all of the changes, but also pretty exhausted over all of these changes.


  1. Great idea to expand the closet, and cool ideas, thank you for the links.

  2. No problem! Had to share the wealth :)

  3. Wow, you've been busy! Don't worry, it's almost spring, so it's the perfect time to put stitching aside for a bit of cleaning, organizing and renovating :)

    1. All of this renovating is a great time to do a purge as well. I'm getting rid of so many things and it feels great! But I do tend to be an anti-hoarder, so I do regular small purges. I'm always terrified I'll have to move again and I just hate packing everything up to move it!


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