Wednesday, October 8

October WIPocalypse Blood Moon update


I actually got up really early (correction:  I got up really early, like I do every day, EXCEPT Wednesdays, haha!) to watch the blood moon.   If I'd bothered to take the tripod, I'm pretty sure my pictures would have been gorgeous (moon pictures are what sold me on my particular P&S camera).

 I might have derailed from my WiPs and stitched an adorable mouse, but I quickly got back to it, and worked on Deco Spirits and finished the first block!:

And, I'm almost done with another WiP (hey, just because it's small-ish, doesn't make it any less WiPpy).   I need to work on some cards/ornies for the mini-Madness, but I was sick as a dog yesterday and didn't go to work (or therefore stitch on the bus), so I'm already behind on that challenge.
This is Mirabilia's New Year's Fairy - I think she's my favorite of the 5 I've done, by far.  So sparkly and I love the colors in her!

So.  Close.
I usually don't bead as I go, but the alternating beads and stitches were really irritating, so I went for it.   I put her in QSnaps big enough that I won't have to cover any stitching/beading.    I only have two colors left in the wings (the inside color, and the outer Black Coffee) and then some of the back stitching and I'm done.  Woohoo!

And for this month's Topic:  Are you a Halloween or Christmas stitcher?

Halloween.  By far.
I am, essentially, an atheist (though I don't call myself that - I'm really more of an apathetist), so Christmas has almost no meaning for me other than the stress of having to find gifts for people.   I love how festive and fun Halloween is (especially in comparison - no midnight mass for Halloween!), the sense of fantasy and the frivolity of it all, as well.   Dracula and ghosts, indeed.   I'd have to admit, the traditional Halloween colors and the slightly warmer weather are also awesome over Christmas's chill and sometimes snow.


  1. Wow! Both look awesome!!! :)

  2. Woot congrats on finishing an Element on Art Deco love seeing someone work on this piece.

    Your fairy is looking adorable.

  3. Jen X11:39

    Oooh! Seeing your pics of Deco Spirits makes me want to finish mine up...I have at least one panel done.

    I love love love that fairy and I never heard of her before, I think I need her :)

  4. Anonymous20:21

    Love the Deco Spirits! Looking good!

  5. I love your New Years fairy so much. Oh man, I might just have to buy that.

  6. Thanks, all!

    New Years Fairy was probably the last one of the fairies I purchased, but I'm so glad I did! I hope I get her finished this weekend (Sunday, maybe?)

    If I hadn't already promised the pattern to someone (she came as a kit), I'd definitely offer it up.

  7. Very nice progress on everything. I hear you on the Aida. I'm having my own issues with it on a small I'm stitching. Love the finish but hate the journey on that one.

  8. Love the New Year Fairy and totally agree with what you wrote about the lovely colours in this one

  9. Thanks, all! :)

  10. Gorgeous New Year Fairy. I love her super sized clock.

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