Friday, July 18

State of the WIPs - 2014

I decided to do a "baseline" post about where the WIPs are at, as I'm starting out.

I've got the new Deco Spirits and Halloween Fairy updates already up, but what about everything else that's been languishing?

Well - here's a rundown, some dates are approximate - I had a lot of WIP pics on Webshots, but that photo hosting site got rid of personal accounts a while ago :)

Book of Ink Circles - a carpet page mystery by Ink Circles (starring Barfy).  Started in February 2008
I did get the entire outline done before she started releasing pages, but I never actually got to the pages.  I am hoping to do one or two pages at a time in the rotation, so hopefully it'll be done "soon."
I've become excited about this one again, but I'm more than a little concerned I might have lost my threads and do not look forward to having to re-figure out what I started with.   The upside is that they would just need to be "close enough" because the entire border is done, which is a plus.   If they don't match exactly, I clearly did it "on purpose" right?

So much sparkly barf!

Egyptian Sampler by Teresa Wentzler.     I bought it when it was still a kit and started it in 2001(!).  I've included two shots, one of how far I had gotten before a UFO-RR and one of how it came home.   The only thing I changed from the kit (because it was DMC and therefore not necessary) was the fabric.  That's vintage (distressed) linen - it looks all parchment-y)

Before the UFO-RR, clearly I was zipping right along...

After the UFORR, I've started to actually feel excited about this piece!
 My Wee-Beastie RR from 2004... I have a wing left to do on the Thyridia, but it's all done and the "boxes" I designed just need to be stitched.  It should be a fairly fast and easy stitch, but, me...   And I suppose I'm not being entirely honest - I want to stitch the border similar to what the single beasties have, but I'm going to have to find a way to chart where some of the boxes meet, because the original patterns don't do that, but they have little loopies at the corner..  I've got four way, and three way corners in this thing, so I probably made it more complicated than it needed to be (but I wanted to lay it out with the four large bug boxes, and the four small).

It's like I have a complete inability to finish anything, no matter how close I am!
Fantasy Sampler by Teresa Wentzler.
My first second (technically the first I started was a long time ago and a long story) started TW, and I started in in 1999... it's probably about time I just bite the bullet and finish this one.  I *really* want to get it framed, and I think it shouldn't take all that long.  Amirite?!

And again, shouldn't take toooooo long, but, me.
 Celestial Dragon, by TW, probably started in 2002 or 2003 (though evidence indicates it might have been 2005)   Let's be honest - this one will be a while ;)  But hopefully I can at least get around to finishing the border, so I can get onto the confetti-fest of the dragon.

Only I could stall out that close to being done with the border!
Fortunate Traveler by TW started before 2004.
Oh, look, MOAR BORDER!  I'll probably do the picture last, but again, I really want to get it framed.

Oh, look, another border stall!  Shock of shocks!
Freshwater Pearls, which was a DMC freebie, again, started May or June of 2004.
I am not as jazzed about this piece as i used to be, but it shouldn't be all that hard.  It's a crap ton of whole stitches, and I probably should have done it on aida, but I was going through a fabric-snob stage.  I also kind of wish I had either done it over one, or done it on canvas in continental/tent.  oh well, live and learn.

While we're at it, there's nothing "Freshwater" about this piece.

Phoenix by Dracolair.
I don't think I've stitched a lick of this piece since starting it at the CATS where I bought it in May of 2004!!

No really, saddest start and stop, ever.
Enchanter, which I got as a kit, again, started before 2005. 
I have repeatedly thought about adopting this one out.
I'm *still* thinking of adopting this one out.
My goal for this one, isn't just to stitch the border like I do with most TWs (only because once upon a time I found the repetetive border stitching awful, though now I like it), but to make sure that the fabric is actually big enough for the whole piece (damn kit makers always do that with fabric).

I couldn't prove worse "border stall syndrome" if I tried.
Celestial Dragon by Pinn, started in 2007 -
I got this far.  And this far only.  It was a gift from my aunt (complete with threads) and I just couldn't bother because it's such a huge piece with so much solid stitching... it's also not really my style, so off it went.  It got lost in a UFORR from a few years ago (and by a few years, I mean that I was living in another state when it started!!!), but should be on its way home soon now.

I don't have pictures for Celtic Ferret Knot or Poseidon/Neptune.

Celtic Ferret knot by White Willow isn't very far along and was started in 2009, but I'm stitching it with black DMC and then overdyes to make it more interesting.   I only really started a bit in the muzzle, but when I get back to it, I will go ahead and take before/after shots.
The best part about that piece was that I was in Montreal in 2011 and I saw someone at the same convention i was at stitching on this piece in the hotel lobby!

Neptune-Poseidon by Lynne Nicoletti is likewise not very far along, and not really in my 'style' but terribly fun looking, and a gift/RAK/Secret Stitcher gift from someone "back in the day" :)


  1. I love the Wee Beasties. Are they easy to stitch? I have a ton of them in my want to do someday pile. I might have to bring one of them out.


  2. Hi Sandy!

    I think they are, they're not very big, so even if you went into rotation on a multiple Beastie piece, it would be easy to finish one in not-too-many-hours.

    There is a bit of confetti stitching, but nothing overwhelming - and the pieces are so true to life that it's amazing!


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