Thursday, June 26

First "official" Garden Tower harvest for the year.

Anyone that knows me know that I love my Garden Tower (not to be confused with the Tower Garden).
I love it so much that I have two.   And maybe a $50 credit. 
And a whole FB album for it.

Anyway, it's ultra fun, and last year I managed to produce squash out the wazoo, and maybe a few cherry tomatoes. 
This year everything that didn't grow last year is going crazy, and the stuff that grew last year isn't, really.  It's so weird.

Here it is!  My ginormous, very tender zucc, a bunch of bell peppers, a whole lot of tomatillos, and then a few other peppers.
Not pictures?  The tons of cut flowers, overzealous herbs (mint, verbena, chives, tarragon, basil, thyme) and ripening cherry tomatoes that will take over my world.
I do have a lot of love for the various zinnias that are growing like crazy.  I think that due to the super-nutrient rich soil, they don't grow as tall.  they flower within a couple of feet, usually less.  Here's one name-less zinnia (I have a multipack, so I don't know what varieties I've got):

And my beautiful Ms. Mars sunflower (one of many):

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