Sunday, January 15

Chatelaine's Houston Needleroll Finish!

So it's been forever since I've stitched (other than the assorted GTG, and I think most people would notice that I didn't stitch much there).

I actually spent a few days and finished something -

It's Chatelaine's Houston Needleroll (started when I had the privilege to meet Martina). I will say this - I am not happy with the color. I wish I had done it on antique white, because I think it would have popped more, but I was halfway through with it, and this is not something I was going to stitch two of ;) I am going to figure out a way to turn it into a pincushion that will sit nicely on the arm of a sofa or something.

Oh, and just charting those over one letters made my Patternmaker program worth its weight in gold.

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