Tuesday, December 16

Next year's goals?

Inspired by Measi's post, I was thinking of all of the pieces I'd like to work on in the coming year.   And, of course, I have utterly unrealistic wish-goals.  But let's just roll with it, shall we?

I want to whittle down my WIP list.  I'd like to (theoretically) get down to about 6 WIP slots (or so, some day), and I have the "slots" themed - like TW/Mirabilia/Misc large/etc...   I don't expect to get to 6 WIPs super quickly, so it's not a stressor or anything, but I would like to make some progress towards that goal.

Progress on a non-TW would be nice, I've been thinking Phoenix or Freshwater Pearls

And here are a few other future projects that I'm keeping in mind (but I think I'm going  to try to go with a "2 WIPs Must be completed before adding a new WIP rule).

Except of course, there's the CloudsFactory mystery and my RR I'm involved with.

I really, really really really, want to try surface embroidery.   I can stitch, I can canvas work, I probably would take to it relatively quickly, and I am utterly entranced with the Secret Garden Hummingbird project.  And I'm afraid I'm a weak, weak woman and I will succumb to the siren hummingbird song.

Which will probably snowball into a record fit of start-itis, because the book that the project comes from has so many beautiful patterns/drawings.

I have my Mirabilias lined up in order as soon as I finish Deco (I don't count the Fairies against my Mira-slottish-ness because they're so fast)

I have kitted up Chatelaine's Old World Vineyard, which I purchased as part of her piggybank sale (and kitted using EuropeanCrossStitch's 10% off sales for the beads and ABCStitches 20% off BlackFriday sale for threads).  I just need fabric for that and it's good to go.

I also bought a kit I found on Ebay, Joan Thomasson's "Happily Ever After"    I've been wanting her "Russian Fairy Tales" something fierce (it was a class kit, I've googled and keep googling, looking for people who are selling their kits - partially finished or not), and I also "need" Magic Nesting Dolls)

I'm itching to start either of those two, but I think the only way I can justify it in my head is to finish two or three WIPS first.

So WIPs that should be finished:
  • Fantasy Sampler
  • Egyptian Sampler
  • BoInk 
  • Deco Spirits
  • Ferret Knot
WIPS with progress

  • Freshwater Pearls
  • Phoenix

New starts I'd like to get to:

  • Silver Moon Tea
  • Red
  • Secret Garden
  • Old World Vineyard
  • Happily Ever After
  • Crossed Wing Hummers (have fabric for most, mostly kitted)
  • Wee Beasties
  • SamSarah's Steampunk Sea Serpent
  • Desert Sunset 
  • Desert Sunset II
  • Biltmore
  • Behold the Field in Which I Grow My F-cks
  • Just Nan Christmas Mice (3)
  • Thanksgiving Fairy
  • Lily of the Valley pixie fairy
  • Christmas Ornaments (Mirabilia)
  • Stained Glass Zelda (sprite stitch)
And just to prove I'm not completely insane -
Things I have no intentions to work on (they can wait til 2015 *or* I might dig them out for YOTA weekends):

  • Celestial Dragon
  • Chinese Dragon
  • Enchanter
  • Fortunate Traveler

So clearly, I will work on my 11 or 12 big WIPs *and* do all of the extra things *and* work on my RR, right?  RIGHT?   I don't need sleep either, right?  Or a job?  haha.


  1. Yes, no sleep, don't bother with work and suddenly you will have more time than you can shake a stick at! You, my dear, just may be a Berserker Stitcher! It's a title to be proud of...as the crowned Queen of Berserker Stitcher's, I welcome you to the club. Membership includes but is not limited to: a "to do" list that will take longer to complete than you have left for this lifetime but will endeavor to persevere as if that doesn't matter, make sure you dream big at all times and never mind time constraints, find some way to justify starting yet another project even if you do have many on the go currently, buy more patterns to add to your list and make sure they get bigger and bigger as you go, and ALWAYS get sidetracked by something new and exciting!

    See? It's very easy! Oh wait....you have already done all of those things and more!

    1. LOL! Thanks!

      I'm sure I managed to fulfill some sort of requirement last night - going to bed late just to "finish that one thread" and get to "that next part in the pattern"

  2. Wow, you have quite a few goals going there...I'm wishing you the best to actually accomplish all/most of them, and I'm eagerly awaiting beutiful WIP shots from you!

    1. Thank you very much!


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