Wednesday, December 17

WIP Wednesday

And then there was that time when a good half of my staff was out at work and things were particularly brutal and I came home utterly exhausted, refusing to cook or be a useful human being in general (at least until after my shower, because I sweat through my scrubs and wasn't feeling very clean or refreshed)...

And then I wanted some soda, only to realize that the soda would be way better with a bit of liquor in it.

And then I sat on the couch and contemplated playing PS3 or stitching, knowing that stitching while under the influence is usually not a good idea.

And then... the little ferret, he was just right next to me on the couch, and just a couple of threads while my nails dried (because bad work or not, we always have beautiful nails) wasn't unreasonable, right?    And then, well I'm on a roll, right?  And then, I'll just finish this one thread, right?  And then, I'm SO CLOSE to finishing that one page.   But wait?  Was bedtime an hour ago?

Oh well :)

I just finished the black for Page 4.  Two more pages to go and I'll start in on the color.


  1. Good job on the page finish...sounds like you earned yourself that extra stitching time!

  2. HAHA! thanks! I'm looking forward to this weekend - two whole days of nothing but baking, stitching, and video-game playing!

  3. Replies
    1. ! A Wild Annette Appears!

      Thanks :)

  4. Love the story of the journey to the end of page 4! Looks great in just the black but will be stunning with color

    1. Thanks! I am fussing over the dark brown to use in the piece (the design calls for four different DMCs, but I'm doing them in overdyes). But I have plenty of off white/tan/gold to work with until I make a decision :)


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