Friday, October 17

The friends you've never met.

I kind of love the internet. 

As an introvert, I find it easier to "socialize" online.  Meeting people with similar interests, interacting as little or as much as I want.  It's awesome.   And I've made some very dear friends thanks to the interwebz.  People who lived many, many states away that I now spend time with (when I can), and are as dear (or dearer) to me than people I've physically "known" my entire life.

In the stitching community, I also find generosity to be crazy.  I find it amazing when it's directed my way (and yet I routinely send things to other people, because I can, and I don't think anything of it).   I really do believe in some sort of karma or pay-it-forward.   I give things to people, people give things to me, people give things to other people, and I don't think any of us think twice, except hoping to spread a little joy or happiness.

And I'm always happy. 

And I got something awesome in the main yesterday!  Thanks to someone on a cross stitch BB I live on (The Wagon on Yuku), I have these beauties now!

That's the Brittercup Seasonal motifs, which I think will look stunning in whatever overdyes I decide about.  I've always loved their super simplistic artistic swirls.   And Diamonds in Squares!  Which I had, and gave away, and then realized I really wanted again (and ZOMG, is not in any of the "best of" books... what up Leisure Arts?), but now it's becoming more of a pain to find it, but now I don't have to! yay!!!.  And those stickers are SO CUTE.  I freakin' love Halloween!

And just as a total coincidental thing - I was planning on stitching tonight on some gorgeous purple fabric someone gifted me once upon a time


  1. Those patterns are lovely! I agree that our stitching friends ARE the most excellent and generous of people all because of cross stitching :D

  2. Interwebz friends are the best :D (and so are those charts!)


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