Thursday, October 16

Mega Mini Month Madness - Week 3

Here's my third weekly post for the Mini Month Challenge hosted by Pull the Other Thread.

I've made a little progress... but only a little.
I let the drive to finish Miss New Year's Fairy get in the way, so I only got a couple of threads in (on lunch at work!), but there is progress.   I have a staycation weekend planned (coincidentally, this would also be the Hermit and Stitch weekend, though I have SO MUCH PLANNED with sewing and gaming, etc., I don't know how much stitching I'll get done).  I really want to get these two done yesterday so I can get to the third one and have good progress.   I'll try!

I do need these done for Christmas, though, so they'll *definitely* get done.
And I'm hoping to get the kit floss to my DMC drawers so I can come up with equivalent numbers so that I can file the pattern in case I'd like to stitch these again.  On not aida, because I hate the aida so very, very much.

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  1. A little progress is better than none! :)

  2. True story! I should stress less about progress.

    I will be working on these tonight, though (maybe, I'm feeling a bit of startitis coming on!)

  3. As I was told by numerous people when I made the same type of comment, "every stitch in is one less to go". Looking forward to seeing these finished.

  4. Progress is progress :) It'll be done when it's time to be done!

  5. Thanks everyone, I will now stop whipping myself with that wet noodle :)

    I am, though, definitely not stitching these on aida again!

  6. Love these but absolutely agree with you on the Aida especially for these small project. I can be quite tortureous


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