Tuesday, October 14

Another one bites the dust! Miss New Year's Fairy by Mirabilia

I have another WIP down, and I'm super excited about it!  Next thing you know, I'll be at a dozen! (haha).

Miss New Year's Fairy was one of the Holiday fairy LE kits (there were 6, this makes my 5th!) available through Wichelt?   I bought them as fast as they came out, but have not been so fast about finishing them off (I did the first three pretty quickly, though).

I think, honestly, that she's my favorite.  The colors and the sparkle are just fantastic.  I like her a lot more than I thought I would.

Under the ott-lite:

Regular lighting:  I just LOVE those silver beads!

The top half of her was ridiculously easy to stitch, and I just adore the backstitching on the wings with the kreiniks.

When I was stitching the bottom half, I started with the upper part of her dress, but didn't get very far because of all of the holes I had to leave for the beads, so I decided to stitch the beads as I went along instead.

So many beads - but following a regular pattern, which made it easier to keep track of.  And the different thread colors were, I thought, a little too similar (when I was stitching), but the final effect is really nice (things to learn:  trust the artist-designer, she knows what she's doing)

So shiny!

The wings are fantastic - I love the inner line of sparkly kreiniks around them, and I really enjoyed working with that particular blue in the wings.
And those beads!  ZOMG!  I love delicas!

I changed the BS color for the skin.  It called for Old Oak which was really yellow and had a major color shift that I didn't like.  I can't remember the name, but I went with the one used in Halloween Fairy, because I thought that looked good.

I'm stupid in love with this watch face, I think it looks great withe the metallic, and the bead sash/chain works great

I'm also going to break with my "scheduled" rotation to participate in TWOctober (Teresa Wentzler focused month)... and I might carry that out through the end of the year.   I think I could make some very good progress on Egyptian Sampler and Fantasy Sampler, and I'm kind of excited about those two pieces right now.   If I finish them both, I would just throw another long neglected UFO into their slots on what I have scheduled.  Plus, I'm super excited to get a new start in January... while I told myself I would wait to get to a more manageable WIP level before adding in new things, I think the New Year should be an exception.

Edited to add:  I just realized (after updating the 2014 page), that it appears that 2014 is the year of Mirabilia for me.  Between the three finishes (so far) and the start/progress of Deco Spirits, that's definitely the major designer for me! 


  1. Jen X12:08

    She looks really great Suz...I'm really tempted to buy the kit and just replace the fabric.

  2. It's funny, I think most people (that I know) do replace the fabric... I think I'm the only one that actually LIKES it.

    Or my need for consistence has overridden my taste, because I do like that all of the fairies all on the same fabric and I kinda like the fabric ;)

  3. She's beautiful!!!

  4. Jen X16:25

    Err is it an odd color or something? I would replace it just because I don't like linen lol. I'd probably go for Lugana or something in a mushroom-y/tea-dyed kind of color.

  5. Jen - it's actually just a very boring "natural" linen, but a thicker linen (I hate those ones where you can see right through them!). I still really like it :)

    Thanks Annette and Brenda!

  6. Very, very nice finish. Love all the beads and sparkle.

  7. Thanks, Susan!

  8. Very nice project. I have a completely different project, finished except for a clock face which I haven't been able to figure out how I wanted to do. I think I may do it similarly to the way you did the watch face.

  9. Beautiful finish. I love all your close up photos too.


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